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Automate Bill Processing
Surface Hidden Costs
Align to Business
Monitor Costs
Maximize Utilization
Align to a standard IT cost model
Eliminate confusion from overwhelming cloud bills
  • Automate ingestion and aggregation of AWS and Azure detailed billing into single costing system.
  • Auto-map multi-cloud billing to a standard classification of IT services (ie. compute, storage, network, etc).
  • Track public cloud spend by application and across development, test, and production environments.
Understand fully burdened cloud spend
Quit using cloud provider pricing to make migration decisions
  • Quantify accurate total cloud spend by incorporating costs of labor, security, and more.
  • Allocate fully burdened fixed and shared public cloud costs to consuming applications and services.
Drive shared accountability with business units
Prevent the business from consuming public cloud like it's free
  • Standardize on a best-practice tagging strategy to understand cloud resource business context.
  • Parse tags to allocate cloud costs to the applications and business units that drive usage.
  • Improve tagging hygiene by tracking cloud resource tagging completeness and validity.
Stay on top of costs and usage every day
Avoid surprises that lead to cloud budget overruns
  • Monitor cloud cost and usage with real-time spend analysis and forecasting.
  • View AWS Reserved Instance (RI) inventory, spend, and expirations.
Identify & resolve inefficient resources
Slash waste from underutilized or idle instances
  • Analyze potential cost savings from underutilized or inefficiently deployed resources.
  • Recommend AWS Reserved Instance (RI) purchases based on actual usage and consumption.

Mapping cloud costs to
a standard IT cost model

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Using AWS & Azure tagging to track business value of cloud spend

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