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Workload Planning

Map workloads to cloud infrastructure

Whether you are planning a cloud migration, new workloads, or evaluating how to save costs, it can be difficult to assess the myriad instance and pricing options available across providers. Cloudability’s Workload Planning feature enables you to define planned workloads across cloud providers.

Plan, save, and share information for workloads

Quickly model planned costs by defining workloads or duplicating existing workloads. Accurately estimate for costs across providers and centralize collaboration for planning. Teams can easily save, share, copy and compare workloads to ensure optimal workload cost outcomes.

Define workloads and estimate costs by entering your compute requirements

Specify a workload by adding resource requirements and description information. Then, Workload Planning will identify candidate instances with sufficient disk, memory and CPU capacity (including much larger but less expensive instances). It also includes custom pricing (where available) to ensure accurate comparisons.

Optimize planned instances across cloud providers

Cloudability’s rightsizing engine is backed by proven machine learning models trained on hundreds of millions of hours of historical pricing data, making it straightforward to find which cloud platform offers the best price point for your workloads.

Check any unused RIs to ensure you're paying the best price

We also check for any unused RIs and reflect any custom pricing agreements you have calibrated within Cloudability to make sure you’re paying the optimal price for a particular workload.

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