Cloudability Feature

Workload Planning

Provision intelligently across providers, regions and
resource types

Workload Planning enables FinOps practitioners to plan, save, and share information for upcoming cloud workloads. This makes it easy for users to compare vendors, regions, and resource types that match their requirements, and quickly identify the most cost-effective options for workload provisioning.

Plan, save, and share information for upcoming workloads

Quickly model planned costs by defining workloads or duplicating existing workloads. Accurately estimate for costs across providers and centralize collaboration for planning. Teams can easily save, share, copy and compare workloads to ensure optimal workload cost outcomes.

Define workloads and estimate costs based on expected resource requirements

Specify a workload by adding resource requirements and description information. Then, Workload Planning will identify candidate instances with sufficient disk, memory and CPU capacity (including much larger but less expensive instances). It also includes custom pricing (where available) to ensure accurate comparisons.

Identify the most cost-effective option across cloud providers

Place cloud workloads to get the lowest running cost, determined by analysis that clarifies deployment options across all cloud providers, regions, and resource types.

Make distinctions between available lease types

Get visibility and control across all leasing options including on-demand, reserved instance, savings plan, and spot.

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