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Public cloud consumption contributes an ever-increasing percentage of overall technology spend — and cloud leaders need to ensure they get the best pricing for their organizations. Commitment-based discounting like reserved instances and savings plans reduce cloud costs and improve efficiency, as described within the Optimize FinOps phase. But while these savings instruments require minimal to no engineering effort, they typically require time-intensive, manual, day-to-day analysis and come with the risk of waste.
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FinOps Phases

Through 2024, 60% of large enterprises executing public cloud commitment contracts will underestimate consumption rates, compromising their negotiation leverage, and regularly costing an additional $1 million or more through lost concessions.

— Gartner®, Resources to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Negotiations, Sept. 2022*

Automate Key FinOps Processes

Cloudability Savings Automation is a leading solution for cloud consumers looking to automate key FinOps processes and maximize cost efficiency.

With the commitment program running on autopilot, organizations free up critical FinOps resources and benefit from savings that are not achievable with a manual approach. Customers are consistently able to achieve high commitment coverage and minimize on-demand usage at three-year discount rates.

Offload Commitment Management

Hand over the day-to-day responsibility of managing your commitment portfolio to Apptio’s Cloudability Savings Automation and free up time to focus on other high-impact business activities.

Maximize Savings and Flexibility

A unique combination of Compute Savings Plans and Convertible Reserved Instances delivers consistently high commitment coverage at three-year discount rates, giving flexibility on term length and retaining the option to reduce hourly commit into the future.

Demonstrate ROI and Allocate Benefits

Quantify, track, and analyze the savings across the entire commitment program. Cloudability users can also enjoy additional analytics, including the ability to allocate all commitment costs and benefits to those who consumed them.

Rate Optimization: The cloud cost saving strategy you need to know

Cloud cost overspend is an epidemic. Most organizations consistently spend more than necessary despite efforts to control their cloud spend. Learn how Rate Optimization can help your teams avoid overspending, improve infrastructure margins, and reduce OpEx.

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