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Benchmark cloud efficiency and measure continuous improvement

Scorecards deliver unprecedented top-down visibility into the cloud efficiency of each team and the organization as a whole. Teams can see what great looks like based on the score of a broad range of peers and find out how the organization compares against high performers. This helps business leaders quickly identify which teams need help and what specific areas of cloud spending need to be optimized.

Largest cohort of cloud adoption metrics, processed with data science

Efficiency scores are based on data science and machine learning applied to cohort data from more than 8 years and $9B of cloud spend under management. Our data retains granularity, is never aggregated and you can can view either 10 or 30 days of history. All this ensures maximum accuracy so teams can measure how efficient they are in deploying cloud.

Benchmark your organization against industry peers

Individual scores for pricing, elasticity and rightsizing break down cloud spending efficiency into specific, actionable areas while providing a benchmark comparison industry peers. See what good looks like based on the FinOps efficiency index from a broad range of peers (companies with similar cloud usage profile), and find out how your organization compares against high performers.

Compare teams in your organization and track your progress

Leverage Tags, Views and Business Mapping to see how different functional teams and cost centers in your organization compare. Monitor your trends over time to ensure your organization is getting better.


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