Ingest and structure data from over 350 source systems

Now available: Bi-directional integration with ServiceNow

Easily automate the ingestion of data from virtually any source system, such as SAP, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and ServiceNow, through our library of intelligent connectors. Schedule connectors to pull data in on a regular basis, such as month-end close, and receive alerts and notifications when connectors complete an upload.

Leverage intelligent connectors across hundreds of commonly used vendors

Integrate data into Apptio from the many data sources across your organization and free up time previously tied to manually ensuring uploaded data are clean, accurate, and up to date. Easily create custom connectors for virtually any data source including Windows Server files, SQL Servers, file servers, REST services, and more.

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Ensure continual data freshness with scheduled uploads

Schedule connectors to automatically retrieve and upload data on a monthly, weekly, or daily cadence. Scheduled uploads preserve data freshness and eliminate the risk of human error during the upload process.

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Establish upload alerts to better prioritize resources

Establish alert notifications to notify users of the status and completion of data uploads. Upload alerts allow users to focus on other core financial management activities while data is retrieved and prepared for integration into the Apptio model.

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