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IT チーム、財務チーム、DevOps チームが連携し、スピード、コスト、品質のバランスを取りながらクラウド リソースを最適化できるようにします。



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クラウド コストの配分と最適化


コンテナー コストの配分

Cloudability Professional Services

Are you just getting started with Cloudability? Or are you a long-time customer seeking guidance on FinOps best practices? Whether you need strategic advice, practical guidance or deep technical expertise, we ensure success at every step so you get maximum value faster.


Develop a comprehensive cloud optimization strategy geared for immediate cost savings. Included are a set of optimization recommendations aligned with the business while starting to enable accountability across the org.

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Apptio’s Cloudability FinOps Practice Management service will provide customers with tailored guidance, strategy and best practices in establishing and operating the activities and processes focused on the principals of cloud financial management.

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The fastest way to get you and your team enabled on the core capabilities of the Cloudability platform. This program includes Admin Training, Initial configuration, End User Training as well as helping your team understand how to get the most value out of your subscription.

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Certified Cloudability experts with multi-cloud expertise can help mentor your team on all the capabilities of the platform.

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Establish FinOps visibility activities into the organization and setup the right organizational structure within Apptio Cloudability to manage Cloud Financial Management in your organization.

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Geared towards IT executives and Cloud Stakeholders, learn the strategy and best practices to build a highly effective Cloud Financial Management Program.

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Forrester CCMO Wave thumb - Cloudability - Apptio

Forrester Wave: Cloud Cost Management And Optimization, Q4 2020 (クラウドコスト管理と最適化、2020 年第 4 四半期)

企業がイノベーションと成長を推進するためにクラウド プレゼンスを拡大すると、必然的にコスト面の課題に直面し、最適化の機会を模索するようになります。Forrester は、CCMO プロバイダーを選定する際に、3 つの重要な能力について検討することを推奨しています。