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Identify top opportunities to save in your cloud infrastructure

Because cloud providers bill for services provisioned rather than what is consumed, being able to identify and manage cloud resource utilization can help balance risk and cost to minimize waste.

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Visibility for each instance across multiple dimensions

We leverage over a trillion hours of usage data, industry-leading algorithms and machine learning, to continually generate a ranked list of recommendations, with explicit scores for both savings and risk, so you can run your cloud infrastructure with maximum efficiency. Cloudability provides rightsizing recommendations for AWS EC2 and EBS and we also indicate whether specific AWS resources (S3, RDs and Redshift) are under-utilized.

Prediction based on actual use and needs — not averages

Cloudability samples utilization data and feeds it into our proprietary models to provide you with a list of optimal rightsizing recommendations. Our models consider both the past 10-days as well as past 30-days worth of utilization data.

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Partner integrations for rightsizing recommendations

We empower DevOps and finance teams for cloud spend management by enabling them to create Jira issues directly from our Rightsizing Recommendations.

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