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True Cost Explorer

Visually explore your cost across clouds

Cloud provider billing data is complex, involving thousands of services and millions of lines every month. Trying to analyze and summarize information is extremely tedious, requiring complex spreadsheet manipulations and an advanced degree in billing file terminology.

Visualize correlations between spend and usage dimensions

True Cost Explorer provides an intuitive way to visually explore your cloud cost and usage data, so that even if you are not familiar with the intricacies of cloud billing, you can quickly correlate your usage and spend to the data dimensions that are relevant to you, such as business units, applications and teams.

Instantly switch between the data you want to view

Interactively change the dimensions so you are effectively using a visual pivot table, all from within Cloudability. Your data is always up to date and reflects discounts, credits and amortization.

Focus on the data that's important

True Cost explorer integrates our powerful Views capability to restrict the data to a particular department or team. Now you can build further constraints around the data so your users can focus on what’s important and teams are empowered to make decisions.

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