ApptioOne Demand

Simple, accurate, and transparent IT service planning.

ApptioOne Demand is a best-in-class collaborative demand planning, capture, and management tool that works alongside your ApptioOne products. Demand is designed to increase predictability, accountability, and defensibility of rates, budgets, and forecasts by helping organizations anticipate, plan for, and adjust to consumption. Focused on collaboration and integration, Demand delivers organizations the flexibility they need to support unique demand planning requirements.

ApptioOne Demand helps organizations:

  • Increase predictability in chargeback and showback to business units
  • Maximize accountability, spend justification, accuracy, and defensibility of rates, budgets, and forecasts
  • View and manage plans actively to adjust rapidly to changes
  • Create a consistent framework for demand capture
  • Understand demand impacts to unit costs of products and services
  • Collaborate effectively between suppliers and consumers
  • Create a more mature, developed annual planning and re-forecasting process

Source and aggregate service demand

IT finance and resource owners must either project the future consumption and associated costs of their resources, or source the demand for those resources from business units directly – a process that often requires tradeoffs for accuracy and timeliness.

Demand offers a predictable, shared framework that helps you efficiently capture demand directly from the business, and eliminates time- and resource-consuming manual processes that result in error-prone budgets.

  • Create collaborative, team-wide plans using comments to capture consumption needs.
  • Capture business service demand on internal IT services, like applications the organization uses, to help owners understand their upcoming aggregated demand needs.
  • Capture technical service demand from internal IT services such as compute and storage to enable solutions applications, products, and services to run and operate smoothly.

Plan, track, and influence consumption

Low confidence in forecasted service demand burdens the IT budget with excessive contingency or over-provisioned infrastructure. By tracking consumption and understanding the impact of demand changes on costs and unit rates, users can reduce budget padding and waste from over-provisioning.

  • Actively monitor plan status and rapidly adjust to meet changing business and demand needs.
  • Forecast and re-forecast based on expected and actual quantities, costs, and the unit costs for delivering services.
  • Perform variance analysis to compare plan to actuals, and scenario planning to better anticipate future consumption and plot forecast changes
  • Keep your organization agile by reducing IT costs (waste, duplication) and better aligning investments to strategic priorities.

Improve unit rate accuracy

Inaccurate unit rates lead to showback uncertainty. With ApptioOne Demand, users can compare actual unit rates to both budgeted and recently forecasted rates to improve unit rate accuracy and defensibility.

  • Access unified reporting, service catalog unit costs, and rates from ApptioOne Plus and ApptioOne Billing.
  • Maximize business value by calculating service planned TCO and total service cost, and conducting Volume and Charge / PxQ Recovery demand management.
  • Improve the ability to make predictable, data-driven decisions with connected recovery and budgeting processes.
  • Improve showback/chargeback of plan-based costs to the business.

ApptioOne Demand answers critical questions for key roles

Process Owners:
Focusing on business needs
  • What does demand planning forecast (volume forecasting, rates management) look like?
  • What is the most efficient way to create baseline volume plans?
  • How do we capture consumer input and approve plans?
  • How should we update volume forecasts as actuals deviate from plan? 
Product or Service Owners:
Planning and managing products and services
  • What is the upcoming demand for my product/service?
  • What impact does this have on my resource budgets?
  • How does a change in consumption affect available capacity and purchasing changes to meet demand?
Business Relationship Managers:
Improving transparency
  • What products and services does my organization need to deliver on business goals? 
  • What are the associated costs for these products & services?  
  • How do make the best product or service decision for the company? 
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Better Together

Accelerate technology spend management and service management with Apptio & ServiceNow’s joint approach to managing the work and business of IT.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case ApptioOne ApptioOne Plus ApptioOne Demand ApptioOne Billing ApptioOne Benchmarking
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Make informed staffing decisions
Manage asset lifecycle cost
Optimize vendor spend
Grow and optimize investment portfolio
Accelerate forecasting cycles
Categorize applications and services
Optimize application TCO
Rationalize your application and service portfolio
Manage business consumption
Source and aggregate service demand
Plan, track and influence service consumption
Improve unit rate accuracy
Recover costs directly from business units
Strategically price services to shape demand
Benchmark and optimize spend
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How Apptio works

Our platform is the operating system for IT financial management.

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