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Hosted by Tracy Yen, Product Marketing Specialist at Apptio, an IBM Company Amplify Agile is a monthly series to decode the intricacies of Agile transformation and help organizations adopt and scale their Agile practice.

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Hosted by Hunter Willis, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Apptio, an IBM Company, FinOps Fridays is a video series covering a range of topics across the journey to cloud, from pre-migration to cloud-native. It dives into the technical and cultural challenges that organizations face on their unique journeys as they build their financial discipline required for cloud.

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Join Kiara Zapanta, Product Marketing Manager at Apptio, an IBM Company, as she takes you on an enlightening journey through the world of TBM (Technology Business Management) and IT Financial Management. Each episode will cover industry best practices, insightful perspectives, and invaluable lessons drawn from real-world ITFM/TBM experiences.

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Don’t navigate the tech frontier alone! Join host Jenny Fong, VP of Product Marketing at Apptio, an IBM company, and fellow tech executives to hear what they’re hearing, seeing, thinking, and doing. Learn from the first-hand experience of your peers and get actionable insights and real-world perspectives to guide C-suite decisions around technology investments, planning, performance, and optimization.

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