Program Management

Deliver increased value throughout your strategic portfolio

Delivering Value Through Innovation

Today’s organizations need full visibility into business context to continuously align work to strategy. They must also be capable of organizing large cross-functional teams that may span the globe and conduct program planning events via in-person, remote and hybrid situations, and easily track the progress of execution to minimize risks and optimize value delivered. Without a proper tool in place, program planners may struggle with maintaining visibility to key program elements like business context, while organizational readiness can suffer due to lack of alignment. Effective program management ensures that the desired outcomes for multiple strategic, business, and organizational objectives are achieved by aligning the work of cross-functional teams to a common strategic vision.


of key functions are not aligned with business unit and corporate strategies.
– Gartner
The Five Pillars of Strategy Execution, April 2021

Program Management Helps With…

  • Unification of teams’ processes across the organization
  • More accurate reporting and faster decision-making with consolidation of data
  • Improving cross-portfolio visibility reducing missed feature commitments
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Traditional Program Management Challenges

Align all work of cross-functional teams to a common strategic vision ensuring desired outcomes for multiple strategic, business, and organization objectives.

Easily organize program planning events with digitized program boards critical for displaying milestones and risks.

Adapt quickly to change with large cross-functional teams spanning the globe throughout program execution.

Realize the Full Benefits of Agile Programs with Targetprocess

  • Seamlessly setup PI planning with connected backlogs for portfolio, product, and teams.
  • Visualize key metrics and flow of value with Flow metrics in a customizable dashboard.
  • Execute confidently by easily tracking progress in real-time, quickly identifying dependencies, and adapting to changes through the Program Board.

Typical Customer Outcomes


Faster time to market


Days time to value achieved


Increase in productivity

Delivering Business Value With Agile Programs and Holistic Financials

Unlock efficient value delivery and happier customers with Agile program management. This eBook guides you in implementing Agile principles across cross-functional teams, leveraging Agile Release Trains (ARTs) for optimized value delivery, and mastering program increment (PI) planning. Explore effective program execution techniques, including metrics tracking and holistic financial analysis for informed decision-making.

Targetprocess was made for Enterprise Agile Management and was capable of supporting our broader transformation.