Strategic Planning

Continuously link work, labor, and investments to business strategy

Accelerate Business Agility with Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and objectives and key results (OKRs) enable business agility through a process that helps organizations capture and communicate strategy in an actionable, transparent way. It allows organizations to align work, labor, and investments to strategic objectives and maximizes execution.


Business executives say 56% of the time spent on strategic planning is wasted.
– Gartner
Make Strategic Planning Count, 2018

Strategic Planning Can…

  • Create a framework for capturing strategy and business cases
  • Enable a streamlined intake process that drives demand planning and shaping
  • Establish, track, and surface value, TCO, and satisfaction metrics
  • Support goal setting, ideation, and demand planning
  • Provide a single source of truth to view all initiatives, key results, and progress

Traditional Strategic Planning Challenges

Prioritize and align budgets and resources to roadmaps and ensure work remains aligned to the organization's strategic priorities throughout the year.

Flow business objectives down to the execution layer with end-to-end visibility.

Accelerate decision-making by staying continuously aligned throughout the organization.

Transform Decision-Making with Targetprocess

  • Establish, track, and manage progress toward strategic objectives.
  • Link work items to a particular strategic objective, fostering alignment between OKRs and daily work.
  • Accelerate confident decision-making through the alignment of initiatives, portfolios, and daily work with specific strategies across the enterprise.
  • Increase transparency with enterprise alignment by connecting all levels to strategy.
  • Align investments with goals to confidently make future investment decisions.

Typical Customer Outcomes

3% - 5%

YoY increase in ROI from digital initiatives

5X - 10X

Faster decision-making


Increase in alignment to top-line objectives

Leading your organization with OKRs

Embrace the modern workplace with OKRs designed to align remote teams with organizational goals while promoting collaboration and flexibility. This eBook explores the power of OKRs in enhancing operational agility, crafting effective OKRs, and aligning work to achieve success. Discover the transformative potential of OKRs for your organization by downloading the eBook today.

  • Work and teams across the organization are linked to strategic priorities
  • Eliminated duplication of work and streamlined collaboration across teams
  • Value realization is being tracked/reviewed quarterly

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