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Container Cost Allocation

Get visibility and allocate cost for Kubernetes clusters

The rapid adoption of containers for deploying software applications has added complexity to cloud financial management. Containers are typically deployed within Kubernetes clusters that in any given month can be backed by thousands of ephemeral cloud resources. As a result, many cloud customers don’t have a shared understanding of what each cluster is costing day-to-day, let alone a reliable mechanism to split out these costs so they can be charged back to the business.

container cost allocation 1 - Container Cost Allocation - Apptio

Automatically map cluster costs

Apptio Cloudability can automatically discover all the cloud resources backing each of your Kubernetes clusters and map this information back to detailed billing data. Users are provided with a specialised interactive tool that allows them to quickly understand the full cost of each cluster and underlying resource consumption within a definable time window.

Intelligently allocate spend

Sophisticated algorithms analyse resource utilisation metrics on each node – CPU, memory, network and disk – and evaluate pod level Quality of Service settings so that these cluster costs can be split out and fairly allocated across Kubernetes constructs of Namespaces and Labels.

container cost allocation 2 - Container Cost Allocation - Apptio
container cost allocation 3 - Container Cost Allocation - Apptio

Fully Integrated Cost Management

As container-based cloud costs grow it’s increasingly important that they are included in regular financial management practices. With this in mind, the detailed container allocation information generated by Cloudability has been integrated into our core cost analytics platform. Three container-specific reporting dimensions – Cluster Name, Namespace and Labels – are available for use throughout Cloudability. For example, they can be surfaced in reports, dashboards and True Cost Explorer alongside regular billing attributes to help build a complete picture of cloud spend.

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