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Accelerate business strategies.

Accelerate your time to value with Apptio and ServiceNow’s new joint AppRat solution.

ApptioOne Plus unlocks the resources to accelerate business strategies by streamlining applications and operations and deepening business unit partnerships with a collaborative approach to investments. ApptioOne Plus unifies financial and operational data into an industry-standard taxonomy of cost categories and hierarchies. Coupled with Apptio’s proprietary allocation strategies, metrics, KPIs and reporting structure, organizations can come together to optimize and align their current approach to IT and invest more deeply in growth initiatives.


  • Reduce the total cost of ownership associated with largest applications in an organization.
  • Consolidate the long tail of applications and services with low usage or value.
  • Understand the specific cost structure of dedicated business units and expose levers they can adjust for greater IT value.
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  • Optimize Application TCO
    Lower the cost of specific applications by understanding the associated fully-burdened cost structure.
  • Rationalize Your Application and Service Portfolio
    Lower the cost of your application and service portfolio by identifying and eliminating duplications and underutilized applications.
  • Manage Business Unit Consumption
    Partner with business unit leaders to achieve their business objectives with the most cost-effective IT solution.

Identified over 70 apps to retire, taking out $7M of annual maintenance costs. Based on a 1% margin, this is the equivalent of $700M of new revenue.

Reduced IT spend by 50% by rationalizing 650 portfolio projects to 33 and rationalized the service catalog from 4,000 services to 2,000.

Enabled monthly budget forecasting, shortened the annual budgeting process 67%, and are able to answer ad-hoc questions 94% faster.

Optimize Application TCO

The majority of app portfolio spend goes to a select number of large applications. Reducing the total cost of the most expensive applications in an organization has an outsized impact on the application portfolio cost structure. These savings can then be applied to growth initiatives.

Rationalize Your Application and Service Portfolio

The addition of new applications is not always done in conjunction with evaluating currently available apps or the real business value these new apps provide. This can result in a lengthy list of applications that may be duplicative or simply under-utilized relative to their cost. Streamlining this portfolio unlocks investments for new opportunities.

Manage Business Unit Consumption

A partnership between technology leaders and the business requires alignment between investments and associated business initiatives and objectives. Business units want to understand their IT cost structure, the associated value, and the levers they have to control. Controlling spend through consumption choices gives business units agency over its IT budget and deepens the partnership with IT.

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Better Together

Accelerate technology spend management and service management with Apptio & ServiceNow’s joint approach to managing the work and business of IT.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case ApptioOne ApptioOne Plus ApptioOne Demand ApptioOne Billing ApptioOne Benchmarking
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Make informed staffing decisions
Manage asset lifecycle cost
Optimize vendor spend
Grow and optimize investment portfolio
Accelerate forecasting cycles
Categorize applications and services
Optimize application TCO
Rationalize your application and service portfolio
Manage business consumption
Source and aggregate service demand
Plan, track and influence service consumption
Improve unit rate accuracy
Recover costs directly from business units
Strategically price services to shape demand
Benchmark and optimize spend
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How Apptio works

Our platform is the operating system for IT financial management.

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