Apptio Cost Management


A simplified way to manage—and master—your tech costs

Accelerate your time to value with Apptio and ServiceNow’s new joint AppRat solution.

Is your tech spend delivering the right business value?

What if you could understand your key technology spend drivers at the solution level—and do it quickly? Introducing Apptio Cost Management, a simplified way to manage tech costs and focus on ROI. Open the door to optimizing costs, balancing your portfolio, and investing for growth.

Apptio Cost Management helps you:

  • Understand which apps and services drive the highest business value.
  • Make smarter decisions about your technology budget when it’s under pressure.
  • Prioritize investment for growth vs. maintain the status quo.

Save time, reduce risk, and deliver results

Drive cost efficiencies while you increase alignment and responsiveness across the organization. With a clear picture of your costs across apps, services, labor, and vendors, you'll be able to drive business growth through strategic investments—and deliver results.

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Simplify your journey to cost transparency

We help you easily understand and control tech costs by establishing cost transparency within a simple, effective framework. Apptio Cost Management provides an accessible starting point for tackling pressing tech cost and consumption challenges. Lay the groundwork for a better understanding of key cost drivers—now and well into the future.

acm - Apptio Cost Management - Apptio