Technology Financial Management

Capitalize on opportunities with your technology investments

Technology Defines Your Future Success

Making the right technology decisions today is the key to tomorrow’s success. But how do you ensure you are cutting costs in the right places?

Managing technology spend requires data-driven decisions to mitigate the impact of changing market conditions. Technology financial management solutions enable smart decision-making about technology investments today so you can deliver immediate and long-term value. Adapt, overcome, and thrive — no matter what tomorrow brings.


Increase in 2023 IT spending
– Gartner

IMF outlook for 2023 economy

"The worst is yet to come."

Translate Technology Investments to Business Value

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Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that improves business outcomes by giving organizations a consistent way to translate technology investments to business value.

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The first-ever education program specifically designed for tomorrow’s business-minded technology leaders.

TBM Certification

Technology Financial Management Solves Problems

Uncover Insights:
Gain a complete, connected understanding of your technology spend and value.

Optimize Cost Structures:
Reduce waste, eliminate duplication, and align investments to strategic priorities.

Accelerate Forecasting Cycles: 
Make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. Redirect resources to higher-value initiatives.

IBM Apptio: Unlock the Value of Your Tech Investment

Apptio has been an indispensable tool for helping our IT leaders solve pressing issues around transparency, financial agility, and transformation. There's so many challenges IT leaders have to deal with today. Not being able to understand their financials and insights around them shouldn't be one of them.

The Apptio TBM Unified Model

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to manage their technology business. ATUM is ingrained in Apptio’s SaaS applications and incorporates the TBM taxonomy, the backbone of the TBM discipline. 

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  • Reduced planning & forecasting cycle time by 85%, and went from 87 spreadsheets to six
  • $1 million annual savings from reduced data entry errors
Now, if they have a question about the budget, they just go into Apptio and everything they need is there.
Eric Foose
Director of IT Support Services, Sheetz

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