Apptio Leads the Journey to Value Every Step of the Way

Apptio delivers greater value with innovation across TBM

Organizations across all industries find themselves in challenging but unique journeys delivering greater outcomes through technology. Technology Business Management (TBM) principles lie at the heart of these journeys. TBM is a dynamic discipline that guides businesses towards understanding and optimizing the business value of technology. Some organizations have just started seeking ways to manage labor costs more efficiently, while others have already taken strides to optimize their cloud investments more effectively. Regardless of where your organization stands on this diverse spectrum, one constant remains: the quest for true value.

Apptio understands that every business is on a distinct path, and we’ve remained dedicated to ensuring success for each and every one of you. We are proud to announce a new set of enhancements designed to empower your organization, whether you’re at the beginning of your journey, seeking to exert influence in the business, or already well on your way to transforming your organization to realizing true value. With our newest products and solutions, we’re committed to providing the tools and insights you need to navigate your unique path towards success, no matter where you are on your journey to value.

Start the journey

Apptio Cost Management

Understanding your key technology spend drivers quickly at the solution level is pivotal to making the right technology investment decisions. We are introducing Apptio Cost Management, a simplified way to manage tech costs and focus on ROI, helping you open the door to optimize costs, balance your portfolio, and invest for growth.

Apptio Cost Management enables new customers to get started quickly with their first IT financial management solution and gain foundational cost transparency. It enables organizations to better understand their key technology spend drivers at the solution level and make smarter decisions about their technology budgets. Apptio Cost Management leverages a prescriptive onboarding process focused on delivering actionable insights within the first 30 days. Accelerate your business strategy by making informed decisions to drive business growth and strategic investments.

Apptio Cost Management helps you:

  • Understand which apps and services drive the highest business value.
  • Make smarter decisions about your technology budget when it’s under pressure.
  • Prioritize investment for growth vs. maintain the status quo.


acm - Apptio Leads the Journey to Value Every Step of the Way - Apptio
Apptio Cost Management provides a streamlined costing solution, where customers can get visibility into the big categorizations of spend they care about most to help showback costs to the business.

Cloudability enhancements

Apptio Cloudability continues to be your trusted partner in cloud cost management and optimization, and we’re excited to introduce enhancements to our leading FinOps solution to expand the breadth and depth of services. These enhancements ensure that organizations who are starting their FinOps journey have complete visibility over their cloud and container spend and have clear, actionable insights to drive down unit costs.

Workload Planning

Workload Planning streamlines cost modeling for VMs, databases, storage, and load balancers across AWS, Azure, and GCP. It offers precise cost estimates and promotes collaboration between DevOps and finance teams while supporting API integration. Workload Planning is available in public beta today, with general availability in H1 2024.

CE 1 Workload Planning - Apptio Leads the Journey to Value Every Step of the Way - Apptio
Workload Planning: Compare vendors and their costs for proposed workload

Apptio BI enhancements for Cloudability

Enhancements to Apptio BI comprises of more than 20 cloud-focused improvements, including utilization data, overlay charts and treemap visualizations, PDF exports, table hierarchies, calculated metrics, and report-level and compound filters. Users can also embed Apptio BI in Cloudability for an integrated reporting experience. These enhancements enable a richer and more flexible analytics experience for Cloudability users.


Container Cost Management enhancements

Container Cost Management enhancements include adding ROSA (RedHat OpenShift on AWS) to our supported platforms, Namespace/Label allocation for EBS volumes, cost contribution analytics for VM resources (e.g., memory and CPU), and idle cost distribution within core reporting. We’ve also added cluster-level rightsizing, helping teams optimize the provisioning of VMs to deliver cost savings.

CCME 1 Container Cost Insights - Apptio Leads the Journey to Value Every Step of the Way - Apptio
Container Cost Insights: Analyzing Namespace costs by CPU, memory and other consumed resources

Influence the business

ApptioOne/ApptioOne Plus

Existing ApptioOne and ApptioOne Plus customers advance their TBM journey by making the most of the foundational tools. This is particularly important when entering, transforming, and managing TBM data while maximizing efficiency and accessibility, so that the business leverages platform insights to inform decisions.

To support these customers, we have to continuously improve our platform capabilities to reduce the time it takes to get and act on insights through common workflows. We’re excited to share a number of visual enhancements, UI customization options, data validation, configuration, and administrative capabilities that improve our core platform experience and help bring deeper insights to the organization, faster.

TBM Studio & editable tables enhancements

Thanks to dozens of Community requests, we have improved performance, scalability, stability, and maintainability across Apptio’s platform by implementing a modernized user experience with new, custom color palettes for reporting dashboards.

Administrators will experience faster time to value by monitoring and controlling which projects get calculated when, and in turn, reducing the number of total calculations or prioritizing the order operations by importance or urgency. Users leveraging Calculation Management have experienced reduced calculation times by an average of 50%.

Editable tables in TBM Studio and R12 offerings, including Apptio Cost Management and ApptioOne Demand, have improved to enhance administrative functionality with expedited workflows, streamlined data entry and transfer, and greater control and validation over end user data inputs.


Transform the business

One important impact of TBM is how it can help organizations transform — move them from traditional practices to modern ones, help them embrace cloud and digital, and find new ways to improve business agility to make them more responsive to new competition or new technology.

Our most mature customers are not just focused on tactical objectives around cost savings and efficiency, but on how the practice of TBM enables greater collaboration across the business and brings data from disparate systems and processes together to help drive better business decisions.

We are excited to share two new solutions that highlight how these different practices can come together under the TBM umbrella.

Labor Financial Management

Apptio’s Labor Financial Management (LFM) solution empowers technology finance teams to effectively manage the financials of labor and optimize costs for maximum value by leveraging Apptio Targetprocess’ ability to directly integrate with ApptioOne, the industry-leading financial management platform.

  • Integrate work and financial management for streamlined labor forecasting with real-time updates and improved capitalization tracking, reducing discrepancies and risks.
  • Flexible capacity funding gives organizations the ability to continuously plan, adapt, and allocate resources strategically, fostering financial agility.
  • Full insight into labor allocations, funding decisions, and value stream performances allows for easier realization of value.

Apptio’s Labor Financial Management solution transforms your labor financials at all levels, with finance teams involved in every step of the way of the Agile development, saving time, enhancing accuracy and defensibility, increasing end-to-end visibility, and achieving full agility through applying continuous planning effectively in your technology finance operations.

Cloudability Financial Planning

Cloudability Financial Planning (CFP) enables cloud leaders to create accurate and defensible trends, workload, and driver-based forecasts while streamlining planning collaboration and improving team accountability. CFP replaces disjointed, manual processes with robust tooling that automates cross-functional collaboration, increases planning agility and confidence in your budgets. This enables organizations to rapidly respond to changes while driving team accountability for budget targets.


For more information on these feature releases, schedule a demo or explore resources on the Apptio Community.

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