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Drive your competitive advantage with efficient operations and FinOps services

Is your existing cloud management solution advancing your MSP business?

Managed Service Providers (MSP) face an increasingly complex challenge - working to support the evolving needs of cloud practitioners while effectively streamlining operations to drive profitable growth. Existing tools fall short – often lacking the ability to meet the operational needs of the MSP while empowering them to scale FinOps adoption and best practices across their entire customer base. And building in-house tooling can be costly and expensive to maintain, requiring frequent updates as cloud providers release new services or commitment instruments.

Traditional MSP tools do not provide:

  • Single-pane-of-glass visibility across all managed spend
  • FinOps analytics and optimization recommendations at both the MSP and customer level
  • Efficient commitment management across customers to maximize coverage
  • Simplified invoicing, with isolated customer billing and discounting
Delivering value for MSP customers

Expect more from your MSP tooling – scale profitably and tailor your offerings to support customers on their FinOps journey


FinOps is a cloud financial management discipline designed to maximize the value of cloud investments. Apptio Cloudability MSP empowers your teams to leverage FinOps practices, efficiently manage complex cloud environments, and optimize costs, while streamlining customer management and billing processes.

Additionally, MSP customers receive direct access to the market-leading cloud cost management capabilities of Cloudability to allocate cloud costs back to those consuming cloud resources, monitor for spend anomalies, and create cloud budgets and forecasts. Only Cloudability MSP provides a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of both MSPs and their customers – providing a differentiated FinOps solution to support their cloud programs today and as they evolve.

With Cloudability MSP you can:

Streamline invoicing

Bill your customers for their public cloud usage and related MSP services, including rate markups and discounts.

Maximize vendor discounts

Get single-pane-of-glass visibility across all managed spend, with custom metrics identifying vendor cost versus on-charged cost, and detailed insights that enable increased discount coverage and improved margins.

Scale FinOps for your customers

Add value and advance best practices by combining your FinOps services and expertise with the leading FinOps tool, enabling each customer to bring financial accountability to their cloud program with advance allocation, analytics, and optimization recommendations.

Unleash the Cloudability advantage for you and your customers

Value for MSPs

  • Single pane view into all end-customer accounts all public cloud.
  • Ability to view optimization opportunities (including container optimization), costs, and overrun.
  • Re-rate costs or strip discounts per customer.
  • Fetch uplifted, segmented data via API.
  • Self-service margin reporting for margin analysis and quarterly reviews.

Value for MSP customers

Self-service access to Cloudability, including:

  • Reporting and categorization
  • Optimization
  • Budgets
  • Forecasts
  • Anomaly detection

Cloudability MSP provides a comprehensive set of features:

Cloudability MSP illustration - Cloudability MSP - Apptio

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Expect more from your MSP tooling

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