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FinOps Advisory Service for Cost Optimization

Apptio will develop strategies based on discovery workshops to optimize cloud resource usage, consumption and rates, with a focus on using the Cloudability Platform aligning with the customer’s financial strategy. Then Apptio will work with targeted user groups and develops specific Key Performance Indicator Reports (KPIs) and benchmarks. Finally, Apptio will provide Cloud Financial Optimization Recommendations analysis including identity workflow and process for ongoing cloud financial optimization activities, summary action plan to implement optimizations that align to customers current cloud environment with the newly developed KPIs.

In addition, Apptio reviews optimization opportunities reported by the Cloudability platform and develops an actionable set of recommendations for the Customer to execute against. Apptio will present Customer with documented savings opportunities (for example, Reserved Instance, Savings Plans or Rightsizing recommendations).

  • Save 5% to 15%+
  • Re-distribute savings
  • Immediate return on investment

FinOps Practice Management

Apptio cloud financial management experts conduct an extensive series of discovery and assessment sessions across IT, Finance and Business owners to determine the organization’s level of cloud financial management maturity. The maturity assessment analysis drives a series of tailored cloud financial management phases and activities to establish and operate best practices in cloud financial governance, transparency and accountability. The outcomes of these phases shift the organization culture to deeper visibility and understanding of the value cloud spend contributes to the organization’s cloud strategy.

  • Establish sustainable visibility, optimization and cloud financial management governance practices and processes.
  • Optimize cloud spend and efficiency across all cloud services through purchasing strategies (Reservations, Savings Plans) and on-going cloud resource optimization (rightsizing).
  • Drive cultural change to one of transparency and accountability.

Cloudability Onboarding and Enablement

Apptio’s specialized onboarding team will provide a session per week for 12 weeks. After the engagement kickoff, Apptio will conduct four enablement working sessions covering all the capabilities of the platform. Following the enablement phase, our experts will then focus on 6 working sessions geared towards helping you understand how to action different types of optimization strategies leveraging the recommendations and capabilities of the Cloudability platform. Finally, our onboarding program ends with the capstone session called the Business Review where we highlight the value realized to date from leveraging the Cloudability platform. The Business Review generally takes place with the Executive Sponsor and Executive Stakeholders to ensure the team is aligned on overall Program Success.

  • Product training
  • Cost optimization
  • Insight and value realization

Cloudability Guided Services

Cloudability Guided Services provides weekly Cloud consultation and product mentoring with an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM). Our TAM’s will accelerate outcomes by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Accelerating outcomes by assisting in the configuration of the core capabilities of the Cloudability platform
  2. Search for and highlight efficiencies that drive immediate ROI and cost savings and
  3. Assist customer on rollout and adoption best practices, improvement strategies, and ongoing maintenance activities.
  • Become a Cloudability expert
  • Accelerate cloud goals
  • Increase user adoption

FinOps Advisory Service for Visibility and Cost Allocation

Apptio will conduct a series of Discover Workshops with customer to identify and document business segmentation, and data requirements. Apptio will develop recommendations and plans for improved cloud financial data visibility. Then, Apptio will assess Customers current cloud service provider segmentation (tagging strategy and cloud account hierarchy) and identify refining tactics to improve financial visibility. Finally, Apptio uses the output from the previous phase to develop reports and dashboards on the Cloudability platform, which are reflective of the Customers business segmentation and reporting objectives.

  • Use case design and validation aligning cloud spend with organization structure
  • Tag strategy design
  • Define personas, roles, and responsibilities for cloud financial accountability

FinOps Strategy and Governance Workshop

FinOps is the practice of bringing together Finance, Technology, and Business to manage the unit economics of Cloud for competitive advantage. While there are core principles of FinOps and key capabilities to manage cloud environments, FinOps is at its base a practice that relies upon collaboration, transparent information sharing, common understanding, and clear responsibility for the cost and usage of cloud across an organization.

The workshop presents information on FinOps Principles, Capabilities, and the FinOps Lifecycle. Interactive activities reinforce learning and provide perhaps the most valuable aspect of the course, a chance to interact with instructors and other participants who share common challenges in the cloud, and a common desire to find the efficiency FinOps can provide.

Apptio is pleased to offer this FinOps workshop in conjunction with training tailored to your organization which will allow you to both maximize the impact of your investment in Cloudability, as well as make the FinOps capabilities and practices much more tangible to participants from your organization.

FinOps is all about collaboration, so we recommend that you include IT, Finance, and Business professionals from your organization to attend the workshop together, to gain the ability to work with one another using the FinOps frameworks and to help you build a successful culture of accountability.

  • Understand how to establish an effective cloud financial management strategy
  • Understand FinOps best practices
  • Understand cloud organizational readiness

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