Portfolio Budgeting

Shift from project to product funding

Portfolio Budgeting For Business Agility

With the world changing so fast, organizations must be prepared to quickly pivot to support changing priorities. This means shifting to continuous product funding, moving from annual to quarterly planning, and budgeting to thrive. Today’s businesses must be able to efficiently allocate and justify budgets and investments across both traditional and Agile ways of working.

Portfolio Budgeting strengthens collaboration among finance, portfolio managers, and product teams in a single tool, eliminating the need for data integrations or manual processes, reducing planning time, and simplifying the process — encouraging the shift to continuous product funding and shorter budgeting cycles.


Reduction in time required for annual budgeting
– McKinsey

Cut Costs,
Not Business Value

Portfolio Budgeting Helps You…

  • Collaborate and synchronize between Agile teams, finance, and business leaders
  • Track, monitor, and measure return and benefits
  • Connect funding to work capacity and allocations
  • Ensure investments are aligned to enterprise objectives

Traditional Portfolio Budgeting Challenges

Give business and technology leaders the tools they need to define and update strategy whenever they need. 

Support traditional and Agile budgeting within the same portfolio and across PMO and finance on a quarterly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis.

Quantify value and justify additional funding with end-to-end visibility and alignment.

Targetprocess: Accelerate Business Agility

  • Deliver a single source of truth for distributed decision making across the business.
  • Continuously align work, products, and portfolios to the business strategy.
  • Unlock agility at every level of the business with support for dynamic work and resource management, expansion of Agile programs, and portfolio management capabilities.

Typical Customer Outcomes


Faster time to market


Budget captured to fund innovation


Growth in talent

Deliver more value in a project/product hybrid environment

Adaptability is fundamental for businesses seeking to remain competitive by accelerating time to market and keeping pace with the speed of innovation. In a hybrid environment of projects and products, CIOs need a way to quantify decisions around cost, maximize ROI, and communicate value.

  • 1,300 users across business and IT collaborate to build a strategy, prioritize features, and assign resources

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