Labor Financial Management

Bridge the gap between traditional cost center-based budgeting and Agile project & product management

Connect finance and Agile teams with Labor Financial Management

Managing technology finance management today is uniquely challenging, demanding new processes and tools for cost optimization. Emerging technologies, global distribution, surfacing new domains like cloud, scaling Agile and its practices, and shifting from projects to products all drive the need for change. 
The Labor Financial Management (LFM) solution empowers technology finance teams to effectively manage the financials of labor and optimize costs for maximum value by leveraging Apptio Targetprocess’ ability to directly integrate with ApptioOne, the industry-leading financial management platform. LFM creates accurate labor cost tracking and forecasting as work continuously evolves. Transition from funding demand to funding capacity to embrace better allocations of funds becomes paramount. Apptio Targetprocess’ Labor Financial Management solution bridges the gap for finance teams and investment planners to consistently deliver value. 


By 2025, 60% of PMO and EPMO staff will be required to have and apply greater financial acumen to drive business outcomes.
Gartner® Predicts 2023: Strategic Portfolio Leaders Must Navigate Trade-Offs to Address Opposing Pressures, Nov. 2022

Labor Financial Management helps you….

  • Attain real-time, accurate labor forecasts, eliminating manual processes 
  • Improve accountability and decision-making with lean budgeting and capacity-oriented funding 
  • Enhance tracking, defensible insights, and streamlined labor monitoring 
  • Enable value-centric decisions with clear communication and ease of adjusting funds

Traditional Labor Financial Management challenges

Get real-time work allocation updates, seamlessly integrated with Jira/Azure DevOps. 

Shift from project-based to capacity-oriented funding, foster Lean budgeting, and optimize resource allocation. 

Automatically track capitalized labor without separate time-tracking tools. 

The New Era of Managing Your Labor Financials

Discover how Labor Financial Management (LFM) can bridge the gap between your finance and Agile teams, enhancing transparency and strategic alignment. Our latest eBook delves into practical strategies to integrate LFM into your operations effectively.

Support Labor Financial Management with Apptio Targetprocess

  • Seamlessly integrate with team-level tools like Jira/Azure DevOps, automating work allocations, generating accurate labor forecasts instantly, and eliminating manual data entry. 
  • Easily adopt capacity-oriented funding for lean budgeting and pinpointing areas that are under-utilized or over-utilized. 
  • Make funding decisions based on top performing value streams to align with strategic priorities for run vs. grow. 
  • Connect with HRM tools like Workday for deeper insights into funding decisions and tie it all back to ApptioOne. 
  • Streamline labor tracking based on story points and user stories, alongside real-time outcome monitoring through KPI integration. 
  • Easily access metrics by PI, monthly, or quarterly, maintaining real-time KPI alignment for flexible funding adjustments and clear value stream communication.

Typical Customer Outcomes

Streamline operations by replacing multiple tools and processes with an integrated solution.

Enhance forecasting accuracy and expedite labor planning, reducing cycle times from several weeks to approximately 15 days.

Foster cross-functional collaboration by aligning financial plans with organizational or cost center capacity.

Decoding Labor Financial Management​

In this episode of Amplify Agile, we decode LFM by discussing the what, the how, and the business challenges addressed, plus how to idenify – and overcome – potential roadblocks.

“We are making key changes across our planning, portfolio management, resource management, work management and financial control disciplines over the next few years, to gain better visibility & control. Apptio products will fuel our integrated process transformation.”

-Fortune 100 life insurance company

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