Cloudability TotalCost

Unleash the full power of unit economics

What is your public cloud bill not telling you?

Your public cloud bill only represents a portion of your cloud costs. Without a comprehensive view of all the costs related to running cloud, you can’t get a true understanding of your per-unit costs, which is vital to helping you answer questions like:
  • Are you pricing your products accurately?
  • Does adding that new feature make financial sense?
  • How should you allocate your limited tech resources?

Only 15% of companies have sufficient understanding of cloud unit economics.

Translate cloud costs to business value with unit economics

One of the most important concepts in FinOps is unit economics.

J.R. Storment and Mike FullerCloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management, 2nd edition

Cloud unit economics provide a common language for engineering, finance, and business stakeholders to translate the cloud bill to business value. Surfacing unit economics with Cloudability TotalCost allows you to capture all cloud costs, link them to business results, and get unmatched financial insights.

Automatically ingest billing data from third-party vendors for a complete view of all cloud-related spend.

Use telemetry, proportional, or other rules to split costs and assign them back to the business.

Get clear visibility into the cost per customer or transaction so that finance can calculate profitability with confidence.

Unit economics with Cloudability TotalCost

Cloudability TotalCost is a powerful add-on to Cloudability. Automate the ingestion of billing and telemetry data, and shape this data according to your unique business rules.

Ingest data

Capture cloud-related billing and telemetry data from all sources with a flexible set of connectors using popular formats such as JSON and CSV.

Apply rules

Define rules to automatically split and assign shared costs to the team, project, or customer driving them.


Calculate key unit economic metrics and share with stakeholders for complete cloud cost visibility.

The FinOps Case Files - Unit Economics

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