Cloudability TotalCost

Enable advanced cloud cost allocation and unit economics

Cloudability TotalCost enables cloud leaders and FinOps experts to connect public cloud spend to indirect cloud spend, including:

  • Observability tools that support self-managed infrastructure.
  • Specialized third-party platforms, and services, and labor.
  • Advanced cost sharing capabilities to split shared costs (for both direct and indirect charges) and allocate them back to the business.

The combined power of Cloudability, Apptio’s leading FinOps tool, and Cloudability TotalCost helps organizations capture and bring financial accountability to the total cost of running cloud.

Cloud costs don't end at your monthly AWS, Azure and GCP Bills

Hosting your business applications on public cloud can come with distinct financial advantages, especially infrastructure costs shifting from CAPEX to OPEX. But it’s important to remember that the monthly invoice you receive from each cloud vendor represents only part of the cost story.

Traditional cloud cost management tools overlook these indirect costs.


Gartner’s projected growth in PaaS and SaaS spend from 2021 to 2023

Extend FinOps to bring accountability to the total cost of running cloud

By aligning the full cost of running cloud against business deliverables, the FinOps team can surface complete unit cost measurements. Tracking unit costs over time allows stakeholders to objectively gauge trends in the economics of running cloud.

Cloudability TotalCost in Action

Building on the industry leading cloud financial management solution, Cloudability TotalCost extends financial accountability to the entire cost of running cloud-based software applications. Cloudability is unique in delivering multi-cloud single-pane-of-glass cost visibility, but for many businesses allocating the infrastructure costs incurred across AWS, Azure and GCP is just the beginning.