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ApptioOne unifies financial and operational data into a unified model built on the industry-standard taxonomy of cost categorization. Utilizing sophisticated allocation rules along with focused metrics and KPIs, we enable organizations to answer the most strategic questions about investments and accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes. By explaining investments and variance to plan more quickly to constituencies and executive management, organizations can uncover opportunities to optimize cost structures, reduce risk, and accelerate growth.


  • Uncover insights to accelerate decisions in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Answer ad-hoc questions about costs 95% faster.
  • Plan 75% faster and quickly reallocate resources to high ROI investments.
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  • Establish ITFM Fundamentals
    Implement a structured view of IT expenses for actuals and plans based on industry-standard framework to allow for faster ad hoc analysis and budgeting cycles.
  • Optimize Cost Structures
    Lower overall IT spend by reducing waste, eliminating duplications, and aligning investments to strategic priorities.
  • Accelerate Forecasting Cycles
    Reduce the time spent forecasting, accelerate frequency, and redirect resources to higher-value activities.
  • Get a Complete Picture of Project TCO
    Gauge the impact of operational spend and gain a deeper understanding of project costs and their impact on budgets.

Reduced time to create a forecast by 50%, freeing 50 labor hrs/month; improved budget owner accountability by answering questions about IT spend in minutes, not days.

Reduced budget variance down to 1% in their capital budget, freeing up $20-30M annually for the business.

Reduced annual planning time from 15 to 4 weeks and produced monthly forecasts to understand and monitor variance.

Apptio is a TrustRadius “Best of” Winner

In the TrustRadius Winter “Best of” Awards, we brought home Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Technology Business Management (TBM) category.

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Establish ITFM fundamentals

ITFM with spreadsheets or BI tools is not built for speed or organized with a business context to surgically adjust technology investments in real-time. Automating the ingestion and structuring of financial and operational data into an industry-standard cost model enables teams to uncover insights and answer ad hoc questions in minutes, not days or weeks.

Identify optimization opportunities

Lack of confidence in ITFM processes fuels budget padding and a “use it or lose it” mindset that risks misalignment to business priorities. A continuous discipline of cost optimization shifts spend from operational costs to growth opportunities, increases financial agility and accelerates innovation.

Accelerate forecasting cycles

Slow forecasting processes prevent quick reallocations of resources to high ROI investments. Shifting funds where needed while maintaining low variance from plan delivers financial agility and accelerates growth investments.

Integrated investment planning

What Our Customers Say

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Better Together

Accelerate technology spend management and service management with Apptio & ServiceNow’s joint approach to managing the work and business of IT.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case ApptioOne ApptioOne Plus ApptioOne Demand ApptioOne Billing ApptioOne Benchmarking
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Make informed staffing decisions
Manage asset lifecycle cost
Optimize vendor spend
Grow and optimize investment portfolio
Accelerate forecasting cycles
Categorize applications and services
Optimize application TCO
Rationalize your application and service portfolio
Manage business consumption
Source and aggregate service demand
Plan, track and influence service consumption
Improve unit rate accuracy
Recover costs directly from business units
Strategically price services to shape demand
Benchmark and optimize spend
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How Apptio works

Our platform is the operating system for IT financial management.

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