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Account for all resources across multi-cloud environments

As your organization scales its cloud environment, there are a variety of services and resources stakeholders will want to analyze, measure and report on. A tagging strategy is the foundation for this level of visibility and enables users across the organization, each with different requirements, the ability to create the right views of the data and implement accurate allocations and chargebacks.

Identify any untagged resources for compliance and proper allocation

Tags are a critical component of grouping cloud resources in meaningful buckets — application, product, department and environment. With Tag Explorer you can visually assess how your organization uses tags, identify untagged resources and drive a more comprehensive understanding of cloud cost.

Easily bring existing tags into Cloudability

Often cloud tags and features evolve across clouds, accounts and subscriptions with some variations. You can map related tags into a Cloudability tag or dimension in order to ensure relevant and logical mapping from the cloud to your business or other logical constructs.

Easily edit and group the accounts you have access to

Within the Account Management page, you can view all of the accounts you have access to, listed by name, number and vendor. Groups are used to categorize your accounts according to different variables, such as region, product or department.

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