Cloudability Feature

Datadog Integration

Cloud utilization metrics to rightsize and optimize spend

Align cloud operations with a cloud-native framework for Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization. By integrating Cloudability with Datadog, you can leverage the fine granularity of Datadog’s metrics to drive Cloudability’s rightsizing recommendations at a high level of accuracy.

Ensure informed decisions with consistent metrics

Make informed cost optimization decisions based on well-trusted utilization metrics. Using Datadog metrics, Cloudability delivers normalized and accurate 10-day or 30-day rightsizing recommendations.

Analyze spend over time and scale to meet needs without overspending

All recommendations for rightsizing are arranged with highest cost savings, along with multiple recommendations for risk/savings. Cloudability’s rightsizing recommendations take into account various metrics to ensure optimal rightsizing with the least risk.

Leverage existing Datadog agents

Alleviate the need to install additional agents for collecting utilization metrics. To integrate your Datadog account with our platform, we just need your Datadog API key and Application key.

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