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FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management

FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management

In today’s cloud-first world, businesses are struggling to catch up to the variable nature of cloud spending. DevOps and Agile have broken the traditional procurement model, where slow-moving financial decisions drove technology investments. Now, it’s all about micro-optimizations that adjust resources based on demand, thus shaping cloud spend. In this complex new reality, the organization needs a common language to master the unit economics of cloud to drive the competitive advantage.

Download this eBook to understand how FinOps can help you:

  • Bring together Finance, Technology and Business Leadership in cross-company collaboration to foster agility innovation, decentralized decision-making, and fast adaptation to change
  • Increase visibility surrounding cloud costs and make trade-offs to optimize spending
  • Make smarter technology investment decisions that yield significant cost savings without compromising service delivery
FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management

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