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Powerful, rule-based views that integrate multiple accounts and clouds

Stakeholders and teams in your organization care about very different slices of your cloud data. A DevOps engineer wants to see all the data for the cloud infrastructure they are responsible for, while a financial analyst wants to see all the cost data for each product, and a business executive wants to see unit cost trends.

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Select the subset of data you want to see

Cloudability lets you create custom views to further narrow down the subset of data you want to focus on. With our Views feature you can limit users to specific views, set default views for users so they only have access to relevant data, and scale to any number of departments and users.

Increase visibility by sharing Views across your organization

Share universally relevant data across your account with Shared Views, and reserve specialized data for individual users. Cooperate with users across your organization by editing and sharing Views between multiple users.

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Easily switch between views

You can create your own views and switch quickly between existing views to see spending and utilization from different teams and departments. Your reports and Dashboards immediately reflect the slice of data defined in the view you select (departments, applications, projects, etc.).

Map cloud spend to the specific taxonomy of your business

Take Views to the next level and create Business Dimensions that map cost to your organizational structure without changing existing tags. With Business Mapping, rules can be time-adjusted to reflect reorganization effective date. The same can be used for time-based changes in accounting practices and project status.

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