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Anomaly Detection

Detect anomalies in cloud spend and proactively take action

With so many moving parts in the cloud, it’s easy to miss spikes in spending until it’s too late. It’s not unusual for new services to be tested and accidentally left running.

anomaly detection 1 - Anomaly Detection - Apptio

Minimal setup, immediate action

Our platform looks for anomalies in every service across AWS, Azure and GCP, so there’s no need for you to opt-in particular services. And because billing files are updated multiple times per day, we’ll check for anomalies immediately upon receiving an updated billing file.

Resolve issues before they become problems

No need to dig through a bunch of reports — Anomaly Detection points you to what you need to pay attention to, so you can take action before an innocuous or malicious anomaly becomes a big problem.

anomaly detection 2 - Anomaly Detection - Apptio
anomaly detection 3 - Anomaly Detection - Apptio

Get notified about unusual spend via email

We’ll even send you an email if we see an anomaly of at least $500. If you’re receiving too many or too few anomalies, you can adjust the dollar value threshold in your email subscription.

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