Accelerate Your Mission with Apptio

Apptio’s purpose-built financial analytics platform provides actionable intelligence across your IT portfolio so you can accelerate your mission. Start this fiscal year with increased mission velocity through 360-degree portfolio visibility.
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To Modernize Faster

Mission Acceleration with Total Portfolio Control

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Plan, Analyze and Optimize Resources

  • Accelerate IT budgeting, planning and forecasting
  • Surface labor, contract, and asset spend insights
  • Analyze scenarios to improve spend decisions

Optimize Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

  • Gain accurate view of cloud & hybrid spend
  • Support modernization and migration decisions
  • Leverage FinOps to control cloud costs
  • Influence behavior with show-back & chargeback

Rationalize Products, Apps & Services

  • Measure TCO for products apps and services
  • Jointly identify and prioritize investments
  • Streamline the apps and service portfolio

Maximize Efficiency in Resource Planning & Activity Management

  • Align Dev/Sec/Ops resources to Mission outcome
  • Plan and track value delivery for projects or products
  • Continuous evolution increasing Agile planning and execution

Communicate & Recover Costs to Shape Demand

  • Continuously demonstrate Mission value
  • Track consumption by business unit
  • Expose costs and value levers

Apptio In Action

Plan, Analyze & Optimize Resources
Rationalize Products, Apps & Services
Optimize Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure
Communicate & Recover Costs to Shape Demand
Maximize Efficiency in Resource Planning & Activity Management

Customers We Serve

IT Financial Management (ITFM), Technology Business Management (TBM), and FinOps (Cloud Cost Management) provide the necessary transparency for DoD’s large IT modernization and migration budgets. Apptio is dedicated to bringing the DoD the modern set of ITFM/TBM/FinOps tools, best practices, and capabilities that the civilian and private sectors have been leveraging to their benefit for well over a decade.


Reduced transfer pricing processing time by 75% within 3 months by moving data to Apptio.

Cloud One

Reduced cloud spend to plan variance to 1%. Realized $2.4M in savings in shifting storage to cloud. Identified $175K in cloud waste.