Showback and Chargeback

Drive shared accountability of technology spend

Efficiently Plan, Track, and Influence Consumption

Despite the predicted economic slow-down over the coming year, companies can still thrive and grow — if they can respond quickly to the changing landscape.

A showback or chargeback strategy creates a shared responsibility for technology costs. Showback provides business units with an understanding of what makes up the single line item of expense they call “IT” and shows them how to make changes in the costs or improve the business output. Chargeback takes those insights into the realm of direct responsibility by ensuring that the consumers of technology are also those paying the bill. These practices can ensure that all business units are making decisions with the fully burdened costs of technology in mind.


Of tech executives who want to improve operational efficiency with digital initiatives.

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Showback & Chargeback Help You…

  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual billing
  • Empower business leaders to reduce consumption
  • Get rid of high-level, indefensible technology allocations
  • Establish a KPI-driven organization with a digital-first approach

Showback & Chargeback Solutions Enable...

Demonstrate the value of technology to the business by delivering defensible billing and automating showback and chargeback.

Integrated collaboration tools make allocations defensible, allowing you to create accurately-provisioned budgets and eliminate waste.

Respond quickly to changes in business needs by benchmarking, measuring, and adjusting IT service rates as needed.

Apptio Billing: IT Billing the Business Understands

  • Deliver defensible billing showing the value of IT – in language the business understands
  • Increase accountability and transparency with consistent, automated billing
  • Drive consumption behavior by offering service options and letting business units dictate demand

Typical Customer Outcomes

Reduced variance from budget to actuals

3% - 5%

Annual shift from run spend to growth spend

Showback & Chargeback: Optimize Technology Costs by Shaping Demand

This ebook outlines how organizations can leverage showback and chargeback to impact IT costs — to improve awareness and accountability and to shape demand and consumption.

  • Provided a defensible, detailed monthly recharging (chargeback) of shared corporate expenses and expense-based passthrough costs into a single bill​

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