IBM Apptio Planning

Optimize and accelerate technology forecasting and budgeting

The market changes fast. Can your tech planning?

Budgeting and forecasting in changing markets is an on-going challenge. In order to justify the value of your tech investments, you need a consistent, repeatable planning and reporting strategy that creates transparency for the business and encourages collaboration. When you lack of consolidated data sources, you have limited lines of sight into your tech spend, plus time-consuming and resource-intensive processes.


CIOs in the survey said they’ve changed their cycle for revisiting tech budgets to at least every month.

Align tech investments with business value

Unlike cumbersome spreadsheets from multiple systems of record, Apptio Planning provides a collaborative workspace for planning that unifies technology financial data. It creates a repeatable, accurate, and collaborative planning process with automated data ingestion, streamlined variance analysis, and cost categorization – enabling organizations to continually refocus, replan, and react quickly to changing market conditions.


Automate & accelerate manual and error-prone budgeting, forecasting, and planning processes​


Understand budget variance and enhance decision-making.


Reduce waste, eliminate duplications, and strategically align investments with organizational priorities.​

10 Essential KPIs for the IT Strategic Planning Process

When IT budgeting is viewed as a process to enable the strategic plan— and not an annual goal—it delivers a competitive advantage.  Essential KPIs in IT strategic planning help companies make informed budgeting decisions based on shared context and a system that empowers technology experts to set their own spending plans, but these plans need KPIs that show financial fundamentals, delivery, innovation, and agility to support the business strategy as proof points that IT is delivering business value.

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Reduced financial risk by moving to monthly forecasting & cut planning process time by 75%.

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Freed up $30M of costs and maintained 0.5% budget variance with daily updates to quarterly budgets using a single source of truth for added accountability and productivity.

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Reduced planning cycle time by 90% and annual budget variance by 50%. Up and running in six weeks.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Understand & communicate technology spend ​
Understand services composition​
Manage and rationalize application portfolio​
Track cloud and infrastructure spend​
Manage & optimize IT assets​
Manage end user devices spend​
Manage business consumption​
Manage & optimize vendor spend​
Make informed labor decisions​
Accelerate budgeting & forecasting cycles​
Conduct variance analysis​
Build/run cost planning​
Manage Bill of Technology​
Run scenarios to validate prices to shape demand​
Improve unit rate accuracy​
Recover costs directly from business units​
Benchmark and optimize spend
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IBM Apptio Costing + Planning Bundle

Leverage the combined power of Costing and Planning! Together, they streamline the technology budgeting and forecasting process, which improves accuracy and confidence in decision-making and enables you to shift spend towards high-priority investments.

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