IBM Apptio

Your single source of truth for tech spend decisions

Align technology, finance, and the business

When you are aligned across technology, finance, and business units, you get the most value from your tech investments. The IBM Apptio portfolio helps you get everyone on the same page and optimize your tech spend by:

  • Making it easier to communicate the value of tech investments to all stakeholders
  • Getting rid of time-intensive and error-prone manual processes
  • Accelerating continuous planning cycles with more accurate outcomes
  • Offering real-time transparency and insights to make faster, data-driven decisions

Purpose-built to handle all your tech spend needs

Navigating the challenges of technology business management requires a robust, integrated solution that offers clarity, control, and value. The IBM Apptio portfolio is precisely that: your single source of truth for managing technology costing, planning, billing, and benchmarking. It provides a comprehensive view of technology spend, enabling organizations to make better data-driven decisions. This helps align tech investments with business priorities, ensuring every dollar spent is a step towards achieving strategic goals.

Business Management

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Proactively manage and understand IT spend, reduce waste, and align tech investments to strategic prioirties.
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Create a repeatable, accurate, and collaborative planning process, reduce time spent forecasting, and accelerate frequency.
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Eliminate labor-intensive, manual billing and empower business leaders to reduce consumption.
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Understand how you compare to peers and justify and defend costs to enable informed decision-making.

Uncover data-driven insights

Get a complete and connected view into technology spend, understand spend drivers, and leverage a continuous planning process for faster, more accurate forecasts.

Optimize costs

Reduce waste and eliminate duplications​, shift budgets from 'run' to 'grow,' and align investments to strategic priorities.

Business value and alignment

Realize the true value of investments through consumption insights and unit costs, and align key investments with business priorities.

Built on the IBM Apptio platform

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Understand & communicate technology spend ​
Understand services composition​
Manage and rationalize application portfolio​
Track cloud and infrastructure spend​
Manage & optimize IT assets​
Manage end user devices spend​
Manage business consumption​
Manage & optimize vendor spend​
Make informed labor decisions​
Accelerate budgeting & forecasting cycles​
Conduct variance analysis​
Build/run cost planning​
Manage Bill of Technology​
Run scenarios to validate prices to shape demand​
Improve unit rate accuracy​
Recover costs directly from business units​
Benchmark and optimize spend
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