IBM Apptio Costing

Manage – and master – your tech costs

Spreadsheets don't cut it

As your tech spending grows, can you deliver the data and insights your business needs?

Technology is the heartbeat of the modern business and as its role expands, managing costs and aligning them with business goals is more important than ever. Leaders need a simplified way to manage and master tech costs, so they can focus on business outcomes and maximizing the value from every dollar, not chasing data and updating spreadsheets.


of business leaders lack key information regarding their technology spend decisions

There's a better way

Apptio Costing eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming world of spreadsheets and automates the consolidation of your tech costs based on data from systems you already own. It brings financial and operational data into a common, centralized framework based on an industry-standard taxonomy of cost categories and hierarchies. Together with Apptio’s proprietary allocation strategies, metrics, KPIs, and reporting structure, organizations can align around a single source of costing truth based on common data and shared insights.

Simplify and analyze

Automate the ingestion and structuring of financial and operational data to gain a complete and connected view into tech spend​.


Optimize overall IT spend by reducing waste, eliminating duplications, and aligning investments to strategic priorities. ​


Align key investments with business priorities by shifting run spend to fund grow/change investments.

Designed to meet your evolving strategy

Regardless of where you are in your TBM journey, Apptio Costing can deliver a clear, easy-to-understand view of your diverse and evolving tech costs, driving informed decisions in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

Costing Essentials

A simple, easy-to-use costing framework, leveraging prescriptive allocations allowing you to establish foundational cost transparency and value for organization quickly.

Costing Standard

A highly customizable platform that can ingest and structure data from virtually any source system, and deliver fully consumptive allocations – allowing your organization to understand TCO and better manage overall tech consumption.

Costing + Planning Bundle

Leverage the combined power of Costing and Planning! Together, they streamline the technology budgeting and forecasting process, which improves accuracy and confidence in decision-making and enables you to shift spend towards high-priority investments.

6 Best Practices for Communicating the Business Value of IT

Traditionally IT has been seen as a cost center, with business units regularly lamenting the rising costs of technology even though tech costs are ultimately driven by their consumption and investment choices. Technology Business Management (TBM) can help IT finance and tech leaders communicate and optimize the value from their technology investments. Discover best practices for implementing TBM in your organization and learn how to communicate the business value of tech, changing the perception of IT from the “department of no” to a strategic partner, helping to drive success and innovation for your organization.

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Saved €2.5 million the first year with a similar amount forecast for subsequent years. Reduced application portfolio by 15% in the first year.

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Achieved 100% consumption-based allocation model. Migrated workloads to the cloud and consolidated data centers, decommissioned 3,400 physical server cores, resulting in $2.4 million in savings.

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Exceeded plan by capturing 95% of IT costs, saving $47M in the first year alone. Launched 130 cost optimization initiatives resulting in a $106M savings program over 3 years.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Understand & communicate technology spend ​
Understand services composition​
Manage and rationalize application portfolio​
Track cloud and infrastructure spend​
Manage & optimize IT assets​
Manage end user devices spend​
Manage business consumption​
Manage & optimize vendor spend​
Make informed labor decisions​
Accelerate budgeting & forecasting cycles​
Conduct variance analysis​
Build/run cost planning​
Manage Bill of Technology​
Run scenarios to validate prices to shape demand​
Improve unit rate accuracy​
Recover costs directly from business units​
Benchmark and optimize spend
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