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Reserved Instances (RIs) & Savings Plans

Maximize cost savings across cloud providers

Determining which new Reservations or Reserved Instances (RIs) to purchase, which existing RIs to modify, which convertibles to exchange can be time-consuming and needs to be an ongoing process. Many organizations rely on complex spreadsheets to do analysis, and even then, are unsure if they are making the right decisions.

Gain a global view of your reservations

Cloudability makes it easy to understand and achieve the most savings by managing your Reserved Instance Portfolio through a global view of your reservations, with alerts for reservations that are about to expire.

Identify candidates for purchase and modification

With our Reserved Instance Planner, select any account for further analysis and receive recommendations for buying new RIs, modifying current RIs for better coverage, and identifying RIs that are underutilized. We support EC2, RDS, Redshift, Elasticache, DynamoDB, as well as all RI types, including instance size flexibility, convertible and 1- and 3-year RIs.

Set thresholds for time, utilization and savings

Narrow down the range of recommendations by setting options and thresholds so you can focus on the recommendations that match your strategy.

  • Date range
  • Term length
  • Combine linked accounts
  • Savings rate threshold
  • Utilization rate threshold
  • Service-specific options

Analyze cash flows between options

Compare all options based on your cash flow and financials. See exactly how much savings each option delivers against on-demand cost. Within Cloudability, you can also view recommendations that guide you through modifying and exchanging Convertible RIs to maximize coverage and cost savings.

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