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Budgets and Forecasts

Accurately predict your cloud spend and stay on budget

Setting budgets and forecasting IT spend is a well established practice. Yet when it comes to the cloud, it’s not so simple. Thousands of resources make up cloud infrastructure and it’s constantly changing. When applications use more instances than needed or unused instances are left running, the business is left with a larger than expected cloud bill and feeling like they’ve lost control of the cloud budget.

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Keep your cloud spend on track by setting budgets

With Cloudability, you can define a set of accounts and services that map to your organizational and financial reporting structure through Views. You are able to allocate multiple budgets per View and review your budgets across all of your cloud providers through a single pane of glass.

Accurately track current spending trends

Every day you can track how you are trending to make sure you stay on budget. With current month-to-date analysis, you get an accurate view of the current month against your budget and previous months’ trends. Now you can identify your biggest spend drivers, how they compare to the previous month and approximately when you’re projected to exceed your budget for the month.

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Complex data science models help predict future spend

We use billions of dollars of historical spending patterns to inform our models. Because you know your business better than anyone else, we also provide you with simple tools to control what goes into the models.

Proactively monitor your budgets

You can subscribe to notifications to be alerted, at an interval of your choosing, when you are on track to exceed your budget or have already exceeded your budget in the current month.

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