IBM Apptio Benchmarking

Compare your costs. Know where you stand.

Apptio Benchmarking provides self-service peer comparisons of your IT spend over time, enabling an ongoing process for tracking performance, validating decisions, and identifying areas for improvement.

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  • Validate spending levels
    Get a view of actuals vs. self-selected benchmarks to know where you stand relative to peers.
  • Track progress
    Identify areas of risk, set targets, and monitor improvement efforts.
  • Identify improvement areas
    Use relevant, credible benchmark data as objective reference points.

Understand how you compare to self-selected peers

  • Choose and adjust the peer group that fits your organization.
  • Select by industry, revenue, and geography and discover the effects of scale.
  • Compare against companies of similar spend characteristics.

Justify current IT spend and defend budgets

  • Access the full benchmark data set and understand how each metric is calculated.
  • Know where you stand versus the best and worst in class with box plot distributions for each data point.
  • Conduct alternate scenario analysis with flexibility to adjust peer benchmarks and estimate actuals.

Explore and uncover insights to inform better decisions

  • Compare actual IT costs to benchmarks side-by-side on demand.
  • Explore variance drivers with instant access to underlying actuals.
  • Set targets and track progress with trending comparisons.
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Build confidence with trusted benchmark data

  • Peer costs are based on a standard taxonomy.
  • Data sourced from trusted partners and the Apptio Community.
  • Benchmark data is refreshed annually.
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Better Together

Accelerate technology spend management and service management with Apptio & ServiceNow’s joint approach to managing the work and business of IT.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
IBM Apptio
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Understand & communicate technology spend ​
Understand services composition​
Manage and rationalize application portfolio​
Track cloud and infrastructure spend​
Manage & optimize IT assets​
Manage end user devices spend​
Manage business consumption​
Manage & optimize vendor spend​
Make informed labor decisions​
Accelerate budgeting & forecasting cycles​
Conduct variance analysis​
Build/run cost planning​
Manage Bill of Technology​
Run scenarios to validate prices to shape demand​
Improve unit rate accuracy​
Recover costs directly from business units​
Benchmark and optimize spend
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How Apptio works

Our platform is the operating system for IT financial management.

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