Transform Tech Spend
Into Business Value

Make data-driven decisions you can trust with category-leading SaaS solutions for TBM, FinOps, and Agile portfolio management.

Make Cloud Your Competitive Advantage

Improve cloud cost efficiency and drive financial accountability across teams while allocating 100% of cloud program spend.

Cloudability is helping us operate more efficiently and make improvements where we can measure margin by customer. By being better informed, we can also better price our offering to new customers.

Joseph Quinto
Cloud Business Operations Manager, Hyland

Your Single Source of Truth for Tech Spend Decisions

Get the most value from your tech investments by aligning them to business priorities, ensuring that every dollar spent is a step towards achieving your strategic goals.

We were spending 90% of our time aggregating the data and 10% of our time analyzing the data. With Apptio, we can spend more time investigating variances and making recommendations to optimize spend.

Addison Paige
Director of IT Financial Operations, Northwell Health

Align, Optimize, and Transform How Work Gets Done

Dynamically manage work, resources, and portfolios while ensuring continuous alignment to business strategy. Improve forecasting accuracy by 90%.

Since we are funding things at a product perspective, reviewing things from a product perspective, we can increase speed to market.

Chris Ross
Manager of Technology Finance, Lowe’s

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San Diego, California
November 4 – 6, 2024

The Apptio TBM Unified Model

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to manage their technology business. ATUM is ingrained in Apptio’s SaaS applications and incorporates the TBM taxonomy, the backbone of the TBM discipline. 

Apptio: A Trusted Industry Leader

We are a founding member of the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council and the FinOps Foundation.

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Maximize Agile Investment Planning

Apptio Targetprocess is an enterprise agile management solution that ingests and structures activity data from PPM and ALM tools with portfolio financial data to inform investment decisions, optimize resources, and track value. Built to align development work with business goals and objectives, Apptio Targetprocess enables portfolio leaders to accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

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IBM Apptio

Analyze, Optimize & Plan IT Spend

  • IBM Apptio Costing

    Apptio Costing reveals the exact costs and impacts of your tech investments, providing transparency on key spend drivers tied to business priorities, driving informed decisions in an evolving tech landscape.

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  • IBM Apptio Planning

    Apptio Planning streamlines the technology budgeting and forecasting process while providing the variance analysis and scenario planning capabilities to support continuous planning.

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  • IBM Apptio Billing

    Apptio Billing delivers an automated and reliable cost recovery solution that communicates the value of IT and technology, enables partnership with the business, and empowers business stakeholders to be better consumers of technology.

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  • IBM Apptio Benchmarking

    Apptio Benchmarking provides self-service peer comparisons of your technology spend over time, enabling an ongoing process for tracking performance, validating decisions, and identifying areas for improvement.

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Optimize Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

  • Cloudability

    Cloudability ingests, normalizes, and structures cloud billing and usage data from across your public cloud ecosystem so that you can actively manage spend and consumption to continuously improve the unit economics of cloud service.

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  • Cloudability Savings Automation

    Cloudability Savings Automation enables organizations to run their commitment program on autopilot, freeing up critical FinOps resources and delivering savings that are not achievable with a manual approach.

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  • Cloudability TotalCost

    Cloudability TotalCost is the only FinOps solution that enables practitioners to manage direct and indirect / shared cloud costs holistically, bringing financial accountability to the total cost of running cloud.

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  • Cloudability Financial Planning

    Cloudability Financial Planning helps you break free from the spreadsheet and accurately forecast cloud spend by creating actionable, defensible plans for future cloud deployments.

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  • Cloudability MSP

    Cloudability MSP empowers managed service providers to efficiently manage complex cloud environments and optimize costs while streamlining customer management and billing processes.

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