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With our cloud-based applications, IT and finance leaders manage, plan, and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and cloud. Here's how our products empower technology business leaders:

Office of the CIO
IT Finance
Infrastructure & Ops
Office of the CIO
With Apptio, CIOs get full visibility into IT costs to make fact-based technology decisions that deliver business value.
  • Proactively manage IT spend to budget and make informed staffing decisions.
  • Understand infrastructure cost & trends, prioritize public cloud decisions, and manage application portfolio for business value.
  • Align project resources to business priorities and drive shared accountability of IT costs with the BU.

IT Finance
From setting budgets to analyzing and managing spend, Apptio streamlines financial management for IT.
  • Proactively manage IT spend by identifying variances to budget and plan, and make course corrections.
  • Improve forecast accuracy by collaborating with budget owners to get up-to-date spending information.
  • Create an accurate annual budget and plan based on true IT cost drivers and resources vs top-down estimates.
Infrastructure & Operations Leaders
Apptio enables IT leaders to manage, plan, and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and public cloud services.
  • Get full transparency into public cloud spend to optimize cloud purchasing and usage.
  • Make informed decisions about how to best optimize cost and usage across hybrid IT resources.
  • Influence demand of hybrid IT investments to better plan for and manage supply and drive adoption.
Office of the CIO IT Finance Infrastructure / Operations
ITFM Foundation
Cost Transparency
IT Benchmarking
Business Insights
Bill of IT
IT Planning
Apptio ITFM Foundation
SaaS software for IT Finance professionals.

Automate collaborative budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis. Gain confidence that every IT dollar is spent on the highest priority items for your business. Spend less time wrangling spreadsheets and more time delivering valuable insights.

Apptio Cost Transparency
Manage cost. Communicate IT value.

Get visibility into what drives the total cost of your IT products and services, including applications, projects, labor, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure. Review and manage spending and budget variance. Communicate cost and value to the business. Make fact-based decisions.

Apptio IT Benchmarking
Compare your costs. Know where you stand.

Leverage Apptio’s standard cost and KPI model to make actionable apples-to-apples comparisons of your monthly actual costs against a database of current and detailed benchmarks. Demonstrate efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

Apptio Business Insights
Optimize IT investments. Drive greater efficiency.

Combine cost with capacity, utilization, and performance data to identify unused and underutilized resources. Optimize application, infrastructure, and vendor investments. Analyze Office 365, Salesforce, and ServiceNow license cost and usage. Take control and maximize the return on every dollar of spend.

Apptio Bill of IT
Fair, transparent, easy-to-understand IT billing.

Automate chargeback and showback across all hybrid services to recover costs based on true business unit consumption. Partner with the business to shape demand and mitigate sprawl with visibility into fully-loaded cloud costs. Expose levers of choice and align the portfolio for innovation and delivery efficiency.

Apptio IT Planning
Transform from tactical exercise to strategic discipline.

Automate, centralize, and simplify annual budgeting, forecasting, and variance tracking. Model financial impact of cloud migration. Accurately plan resource investments to meet service demand. Manage project costs across both build and run phases. Shift from spreadsheet logistics to consulting and guidance. 

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