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Dashboards and Reports

Empower teams to make informed decisions

Understanding cloud spend is extremely difficult when your cloud infrastructure is constantly changing, and the monthly bill contains millions of lines of data. How do you sort out costs and make informed choices? How do you continue to get visibility into spend and usage, for one, maybe two, or across even three cloud providers?

Access exactly the data you need with flexible dashboards

Cloudability provides a default dashboard and any number of additional custom dashboards you can create for different products, departments or roles within your company. Build detailed widgets and arrange exactly how you want them, drill down for more detail, overlay numerous layers and share with others, restricting what they see via Views.

Resource-level reporting on all services

A library of reports is available out of the box and you can create any number of additional reports for any data, any dimension. Multi-cloud data is displayed together in a single pane of glass and all data is constantly refreshed with every provider’s new update, so you always have access to near-real-time data.

View the data you need and control who sees what

All reports and dashboards can be filtered by Views so you can look at exactly the data you need and also control who can access what data. For instance, you can look at the same report for department A and department B without having to create new reports.

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