Apptio Cloudability: 2022 Innovation in Review

In 2022, Apptio Cloudability released leading-edge innovations to help our customers scale and mature their cloud FinOps practices.

Throughout 2022, public cloud adoption grew rapidly as organizations sought more effective and efficient methods of reducing costs, innovating more rapidly, and gaining a competitive edge. As a result, cloud practitioners turned to the FinOps discipline and tooling like Cloudability to scale and mature their cloud financial management practices. 

We’ve proudly partnered with our customers to define new offerings for Apptio Cloudability that meet their evolving needs — introducing leading-edge capabilities like Cloudability TotalCost to measure unit economics and deepening our management and optimization features for containers and major cloud providers. Notably, we were once again incredibly proud to be named a leader in leading analyst reports like the Forrester Cloud Cost Management and Optimization Wave, the GigaOm Radar for FinOps and the ISG Provider Lens for Global Public Cloud Solutions and Services.  

We’ve had an exciting year of innovation and our engineers have been hard at work, increasing the number of releases by 10% compared to 2021. With our rapid pace of launches, you may have missed a few along the way. Here are some of our most notable highlights from 2022: 

Cloudability TotalCost 

Cloudability TotalCost is the only cloud financial management solution in the market that factors in all the direct and shared charges to manage the total cost of running your cloud-based software applications and measure unit economics.  

Cloudability Rightsizing Explorer 

Rightsizing Explorer provides a familiar and intuitive visual interface for exploring rightsizing recommendations. This not only makes it easier for customers to quickly identify their biggest savings opportunities, but also to digest their rightsizing data so they can develop as well as execute on strategies that are actionable by the business and avoid future waste with Cloudability.    

Cloudability Container Cost Amortization 

Reserved Instances and Savings Plans are popular instruments for reducing the cost of containerized infrastructure. With this launch, cloud users can make sure the full cost (including upfront components) of these consumed commitments is considered when analyzing the total cost of clusters and allocating out via Namespace and Labels.  

Cloudability Azure savings plans support 

Microsoft Azure launched savings plans in 2022, following the AWS model of reducing hourly rates by committing to ongoing levels of spend. To support this more popular and flexible alternative to Reserved Instance purchasing, Cloudability now provides detailed reporting for all cost items related to Azure savings plan purchases and consumption.  

Cloudability ROI tracking for rightsizing recommendations 

According to the State of FinOps 2022 report, enabling engineers to act on rightsizing recommendations is a top challenge for practitioners.  

To help solve this problem, Cloudability extended its policy-driven rightsizing capability to allow users to prioritize and track individual recommendations automatically — based on business rules — entirely within Cloudability. The recommendations can be managed through the Rightsizing ROI feature, allowing users to assign ownership, change status, and track potential and realized savings. This helps organizations solve the number one FinOps challenge “getting engineers to take action” and improve the economics of running cloud. 

Cloudability Rightsizing for EC2 ASGs and GPU-backed instances

We have strengthened our EC2 rightsizing capabilities by adding support for auto scaling groups (ASG) and instance types that are backed by GPUs. AWS customers will be able to increase their cost savings with superior rightsizing recommendations. 

Japanese localization

Organizations based in Japan will be able to switch their in-app experience and notifications to be shown in Japanese. This includes both language and formatting of text and numbers. Japan has a large and growing cloud footprint across the major providers. By offering Cloudability localized to the Japanese market, we will make this solution far more accessible to businesses in the region and support them as they look to improve the economics of running cloud.  

There’s a lot more to come in 2023

We are keeping the momentum going in 2023, recently announcing our acquisition of Cloudwiry and the beta program for Cloud Financial Planning. It is Apptio’s mission to continue to lead the way with new innovations, and we are excited to bring forth new products and capabilities that help our customers solve their most pressing and complex cloud challenges. Stay tuned for more announcements throughout the year, and be sure to check out for more information.

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