Cloud Financial Planning

Forecast and optimize your future cloud costs

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What Can Cloud Financial Planning Do For You?

  • Stop relying on past data and disjointed processes that create linear cost outlooks.
  • Streamline team planning and generate defensible, automated forecasts.
  • Get modern cloud forecasting and investment management.

Automate Accurate Forecasts

Are you relying on past data or spreadsheets to create a linear forecast? Cloud Financial Planning generates responsive, accurate, and defensible forecasts that automate the incorporation of new spending, cloud related costs, changing business priorities, and other cost drivers.

Streamline Planning Processes

Increase planning agility and confidence in your budgets by replacing disjointed processes. Streamline planning collaboration and respond rapidly to planned cost changes while aligning teams to budgets.

Enable Team Accountability

Go beyond cost allocation by tracking spend to plan at the team level while enabling cost optimization and scenario analysis to control costs. Maintain accountability for teams with budget targets and collaborative tracking that keeps them aligned.