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Apptio Cost Transparency

Accelerate Fact-Based Decisions

Understand costs and key performance indicators to drive more value with your technology business.

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Make better decisions that drive business value by understanding the true cost and consumption of IT resources.


Understand IT Costs and Key Performance Indicators

Real-time analytics in one place
  • Know the true cost of applications, services, and infrastructure
  • Identify outliers and investigate what’s driving them
  • Spot trends and monitor changes over time

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Replace assumptions with facts
  • Make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information
  • Accelerate initiatives and business cases for investment
  • Focus the conversation on action and outcome, not emotion
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Single Source of Truth

Cost data that IT, finance and the business can understand and trust
  • Bring finance and operational data together in a shared context
  • Explain and defend allocations down to the individual transaction
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies in data analysis

Spend Less Time Wrestling Data

Automate monthly IT cost analytics from data collection to reports
  • Streamline financial reporting cycles from weeks to hours
  • Focus more on analysis and insights
  • Respond quickly to questions about IT costs
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Based on Industry Standards

A standard cost model based on an industry-approved taxonomy
  • Pre-built cost model takes the guesswork and man-hours out of building from scratch
  • Start with the ATUM™ cost model, distilled from the TBM Council and hundreds of IT organizations
  • Explain and defend cost allocations to the business

Standard approach to rollout

Get started quickly with an Apptio jumpstart package
  • Start with only a few key data sources
  • Leverage proven best practices and Apptio TBM expertise
  • Grow at your pace with modules that extend TBM capability
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