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Apptio Cost Transparency

Apptio Cost Transparency presents a unified view of IT financial and operational data to optimize costs, create value and invest for growth.

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Proactively manage IT spend to budget

  • Manage variance in the context of major areas of IT spend like software, hardware, and internal/external labor.
  • Identify spending trends and the specific line items and cost center owners that are driving variances.
  • Monitor OpEx and CapEx variance and your mix of fixed versus variable costs.

Make informed staffing decisions

  • Manage hiring of internal and external labor against plan.
  • Understand and compare average monthly cost of staff across geographies and role types.
  • Identify outliers to responsibly shift internal/external labor mix or change hiring plans.

Understand infrastructure costs and trends

  • See what’s driving infrastructure costs across network, compute, storage, and data center assets.
  • Monitor how much infrastructure cost goes to supporting applications.
  • Understand how infrastructure costs break down across internal and external labor, software, hardware, and facility/power costs.

Prioritize public cloud decisions

  • Provide trade-offs to the business to better align project and application investments to business initiatives.
  • In business terms, explain where project costs are going across each BU.
  • Quantify how much IT spend is going toward run costs vs. growth investments and projects.

Drive shared accountability of IT costs with the business

  • In business language, explain what each BU is getting for its IT dollars and what they can do to impact bottom line costs.
  • Align IT projects and investments to business initiatives and sponsors.
  • Identify cost outliers by benchmarking IT spend per employee across BUs.

Manage the application portfolio for business value

  • Quantify the business value your applications deliver by tying cost to business drivers (e.g. cost per web visitor, order, etc.).
  • Know the cost of your top 20 applications and how they break down across run versus dev, infrastructure, and projects.
  • Show how BUs are consuming each application, along with the associated costs.

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Automating IT Cost Transparency

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Debunking 5 Myths of IT Cost Transparency

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