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Optimize cost. Invest for growth.

Apptio Cost Transparency automates analysis of your available IT cost data so you can quickly uncover insights to drive business value.

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Apptio Cost Transparency

Apptio Cost Transparency

Optimize costs

Make informed decisions from a single system of record.

Communicate value

Demonstrate IT value with terms the business understands.

Shift run-to-change

Optimize RTB spend to fund future digital business innovation.

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Estimate the Value of Better IT Cost Transparency

How much of your budget supports the following:



by trimming current operating costs


8% More

in growth / transformation

* Disclaimer – This calculator uses, and its results are based on, information compiled by Apptio, Inc. using informal survey data from Apptio’s customers and business prospects. Actual results and savings, if any, are not claimed or intended to represent or guarantee that your organization will achieve these or similar results.

Customer Success

Gerry Imhoff

Customer Success

Technology business management means running technology like a business. And if you're going to have a successful business, you have to have an amazing culture. You can't separate the two.

Gerry Imhoff

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eBook: 7 Killers of CIO Credibility

7 Killers of CIO Credibility

If CIOs don’t quantify their value in language non-techies understand, they won’t be invited to the C-suite table.

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The ATUM Poster

The ATUM Poster

Shape conversations with IT, Finance, and Business Unit partners using a common language and information about IT costs.

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White Paper: 6 Best Practices for Allocating IT Costs

6 Best Practices for Allocating IT Costs

Learn how Apptio can help you bring best practices of financial and performance management to the complex environment of IT.

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Whether you need help analyzing the true cost of the cloud, optimizing your technology spend, or communicating IT's value to the business, Apptio can help.

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