FinOps and TBM at Public Sector Summit

Discover how public sector organizations can maximize the value of their growing cloud and IT spend at Public Sector Summit 2024.

Chart Your Tech Course for 2024: 5 Highlights from TBMC 2023

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Master TBM & FinOps with Certifications at TBM Conference

Set up world-class TBM and FinOps practices with onsite certification programs available at TBM Conference 2023.

3 Key Takeaways From FinOps X 2023

The energy at FinOps X made it easy to see why FinOps is growing so rapidly.

re:Invent 2022: FinOps Metrics That Matter

FinOps metrics help surface waste, show when rising cloud costs correlate to innovation and profitability, and frame spending in business value.

TBMC 2022 Day 3: Every Dollar Invested in Technology Must Deliver Value

The last day of the conference looked at how winning teams use TBM to ensure no investment goes to waste. Here’s what you missed.

TBMC 2022 Day 2: Lead With Certainty in Uncertain Times

Day two of the TBM Conference included a reveal of Apptio’s latest innovations and advice on extending accountability for cloud spend. Here’s what you missed.

TBMC 2022 Day 1: Winning the Digital Race With TBM

We kicked off the TBM Conference by looking at digital as a competitive edge and asking how organizations can prioritize innovation. Here’s what you missed.

5 Sessions Cloud Practitioners Shouldn’t Miss at TBM Conference 2022

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Key takeaways from the first-ever FinOps X Summit.

re:Invent 2021: FinOps Optimizes AWS Spend

A FinOps practice locks in best practices for cloud cost management.

Reflections from the India Cloud Day Conference

With public cloud services in India estimated to grow to $7.3 billion in 2022, it’s not a matter of if you should move to the cloud—but how and when

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