3 Experiences You Can’t Afford to Miss at CloudyCon 2023

Don’t miss these experiences at CloudyCon and take your FinOps journey to the next level.

CloudyCon, the original FinOps conference, is back as an integrated event within TBM Conference 2023. Featuring a slew of enlightening sessions, hands-on labs, and cutting-edge solution expos, the big event is all set to take the cloud world by storm this October 24-26 in Austin, Texas.

Get ready to learn from insightful keynotes and first-hand experiences of industry leaders finding their way around pitfalls and overcoming challenges. Register today for the big event to propel your FinOps practice to new heights.

Here are the three ways you can make the most out of CloudyCon 2023.

1. Immerse yourself in value-packed sessions

CloudyCon offers a great number of sessions catering to different FinOps phases, challenges, and proven strategies to power your FinOps journey. Here are a few examples of what you can look forward to at the event.

Cloud Unit Economics: The Secret to Translating Cloud Cost to Value

Determining unit economics for your cloud program is critical to the success of your strategy. This session will demonstrate how unit economics can unlock the exact cloud costs consumed per business deliverable and other metric data that leads to informed teams and actionable insights.


  • Maddy Yeazel, Director – FinOps Solutions, Apptio
  • Daniel Westfahl, Senior Manager, Consulting and Cloudability TAM, Apptio

Why Collaboration is the Key to FinOps Success

With cloud, the finance team is not in control over spend and IT doesn’t handle the technology deployed, giving engineers the power to make important spending decisions. This session will dive into the intricacies of why engineers, IT, finance, and business have to be on the same page and how collaboration can fast-track your FinOps journey.


  • Eric Mulartrick, FinOps Lead, Boomi
  • Nisha Raghava, Senior Manager – Financial Analysis, Boomi

Uniting Cross-Functional Teams for FinOps Success

Achieving FinOps success at your organization requires a cohesive, cross-functional effort to bring various personas together. This session will dive into the essential steps for building a FinOps team that bridges the gap between finance, procurement, security, IT, and business owners through practical examples and industry best practices. Join to discover how each role contributes unique expertise and value to the FinOps practices, ultimately driving cost optimization and informed decision-making.


  • Parker Nancollas, Senior FinOps Consultant, SoftwareOne

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2. Get FinOps certified and join the ranks

Sign up for the Cloud FinOps Training & Certification class during registration to level up your FinOps prowess. Recognized by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as a needed component for maintaining a properly optimized cloud infrastructure, the FinOps Certified Practitioner course provides an understanding of how FinOps is applied to enhance the business value of every dollar of cloud spend.

This comprehensive course will also deliver an overview of key concepts in each of the three sections of the FinOps lifecycle (Inform, Optimize, and Operate), so you have what you need to establish and mature a FinOps practice. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in the course:

Part I: Cloud and FinOps

  • The challenges of cloud
  • The difference between cloud and traditional IT
  • Introduction to FinOps

Part II: Cloud Billing and FinOps

  • Cloud billing
  • FinOps principles
  • FinOps teams
  • Capabilities

Part III: FinOps Lifecycle

  • Inform phase
  • Optimize phase
  • Operate phase

After completing this 10-hour course split across two days, you’ll be given access to the certification exam and one year of access to the FinOps Foundation self-paced version of the course. The certification exam is an opportunity to validate your FinOps knowledge and enhance your professional credibility by showcasing a thorough understanding of FinOps principles and best practices to optimize cloud spending and achieve better financial outcomes.

3. Unwind with your fellow FinOps fanatics at the Cloudy Zone

What’s better than unwinding on the comfy chairs at a coffee bar with your FinOps friends? At the Cloudy Zone, you can sit together with your fellow FinOps practitioners, build camaraderie, and discuss all things FinOps and beyond. Share stories, best practices, and even ultimate fails; brainstorm strategies for real-world FinOps challenges; and learn from everyone’s journeys so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or run head-first into a wall.

You might also come across FinOps celebrities, so look forward to surprises and don’t hold yourself back from networking.

Games can be great kick-starters for conversation. That’s why we’ve set up some board games for you to enjoy a little friendly competition against your FinOps peers. Above everything, the Zone is a great place to catch your breath and decompress.

Lap the competition

CloudyCon is an excellent opportunity to learn FinOps best practices from industry experts so you can cut cloud waste, account for every dollar of your cloud investment, and make data-driven spend decisions, leaving your competition in the dust.

Don’t forget to claim your exclusive CloudyCon sweatshirt by registering with the code HOODIE10. Register now.

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