Master TBM & FinOps with Certifications at TBM Conference

Set up world-class TBM and FinOps practices with onsite certification programs available at TBM Conference 2023.

The buildup to TBM Conference 2023 is higher than ever, and the excitement is palpable! The big event, which is happening October 24-26 in Austin, Texas, is packed with enlightening keynotes, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and cutting-edge solution expos all with one goal: help you drive business value from your technology investments with data-powered decisions.

TBMC23 is bringing back instructor-led certification programs to help leaders and professionals like you to build a foundation for the TBM and FinOps practices and take them all the way through successful execution. If you’re looking to accelerate or set up a world-class Technology Business Management (TBM) or FinOps practice, then this opportunity is for you.

Sign up for TBMC and add one or both of these certifications to your registration.

For aspiring TBM practitioners and leaders: TBM Executive Foundation Course & Certification

The TBM Executive Foundation Course provides IT leaders and finance teams with the essential knowledge to drive business transformation within IT by running a successful TBM program. Regardless of where you are in your journey, the TBM Executive Certification will help you improve your business acumen by starting from the fundamentals of TBM, breaking down every part of the journey, and illustrating how you can drive continuous improvement.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of TBM: how it drives significant optimization and more effective management practices
  • The essential tools of TBM, including the framework, taxonomy, model, and metrics
  • Building a TBM program in your organization: essential roles, responsibilities, and skill sets
  • Applying the tools and disciplines of TBM beyond IT and into business-value chains
  • The four value conversations of TBM and their associated management metrics
  • The keys to driving continuous improvement with TBM

After taking the course, you will have the opportunity to be certified by the TBM Council, enabling you to further demonstrate your business savvy and ready to set up and grow TBM at your organization.

For cloud pros and leaders: Cloud FinOps Training & Certification

The FinOps Certified Practitioner course provides professionals from cloud, finance, and technology roles with an understanding of FinOps and how it’s applied to enhance business value from every dollar of cloud spend.

Provided by Apptio Education Services, a FinOps Foundation Certified Training Partner, this comprehensive course will deliver an overview of key concepts in each of the three sections of the FinOps lifecycle (Inform, Optimize, and Operate), so you have what you need to establish and mature a FinOps practice.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Part I: Cloud and FinOps

  • The challenges of cloud
  • The difference between cloud and traditional IT
  • Introduction to FinOps

Part II: Cloud Billing and FinOps

  • Cloud billing
  • FinOps principles
  • FinOps teams
  • Capabilities

Part III: FinOps Lifecycle

  • Inform phase
  • Optimize phase
  • Operate phase

After completion of this 10-hour course split across two days, you will be provided access to the certification exam and one year of access to the FinOps Foundation self-paced version of the course. The certification exam is an opportunity to validate your FinOps knowledge and enhance your professional credibility by showcasing a thorough understanding of FinOps principles and best practices to optimize cloud spending and achieve better financial outcomes.

The certification has been recognized by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as a needed component for maintaining a properly optimized cloud infrastructure.

Fuel your future

And just like that, the TBM Conference 2023 is almost here. The anticipation has been building, and now’s the time to seize the opportunities knocking your door at this transformational event.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or you have just started your journey, the certification programs will help you to take control of your tech investments and steer with data-powered decisions to maximize business value. Hear from likeminded leaders, exchange experiences, and master the skills needed to take your TBM and FinOps journey to a new level.

Mark your calendar and register today!

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