TBMC20 Key Moments: Keynotes, Roundtables, Awards, and More

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As with so many conferences held in 2020, this year’s annual TBM Conference was held online. Also … TBMC20 was among our best! While we always look forward to being together face-to-facebringing TBMC20 directly to your home office meant we were able to provide more content than ever before: The flexibility to attend any TBMC20 session you wanted, in any order you wanted, meant TBMC20 attendees were able to avoid scheduling conflicts – the whole conference was yours to enjoy. In facteven though the live conference is over, you can still enjoy this year’s sessions, because all TBMC20 content can be viewed on demand. To access any sessions, simply register here.  

TBMC20 keynotes

TBM Conference keynote sessions are a time to ground yourself in the current state of IT leadership, and to consider what’s to come in the year ahead. In that spirit, this year’s TBM Conference kicked off with keynotes from veteran TBM leaders who offered pearls of wisdom during an unusual timeFor example, ithe opening of his TBMC20 keynote address, What’s Next? Technology Leaders Getting Ready for the World Post COVID-19Apptio CEO and Founder Sunny Gupta began by acknowledging this year’s 100 percent virtual conference format, and then moved straight into a tone of optimism: He spent his keynote time focusing on the state of the TBM market and how business leaders are deploying TBM and Apptio to get ready for the postCOVID world. 

Gupta discussed how COVID has forced IT leaders to dissect their budgets, rapidly identify where money is being spent, and then quickly re-plan and re-forecast. At the same time, he said, conversations have shifted to discussing the value of the organization’s technology investments. As a result, CFOs have been more engaged in conversations around technology budgets than ever beforeWhen the disruption hit, every organization needed to re-plan and re-forecast…now everybody is operating in this new normal and putting their 2021 plans together. You can register here to listen in on Gupta’s and other inspiring keynotes 

Other keynotes to join: A welcome message from myselfJarod Greene, TBM Council General Managera discussion on new Apptio products by Scott Chancellor, Apptio’s chief product and technology officer; and, of course, the highly-anticipated TBM Awards.  


One of the best parts of the TBM conference is when live idea exchanges take place among IT leaders. For example, during the EMEA Cloud Roundtable Driving business value at the speed of cloud, panelists – IT leaders whose organizations are in varying stages of the cloud journey – discussed topics around cloud migration 

You can register here to listen in on the full discussion, or listen in on other roundtable sessions, such as: APAC Thought Leadership Roundtable; APAC Public Sector Roundtable; APAC TBMC Presenters’ Roundtable; EMEA TBM Council Awards 2020; and EMEA IT Leadership Roundtable Powering Business. 

TBM Awards

Celebrating the TBM Excellence awards is one of the most highly-anticipated moments of every TBM Conference, and this year was no different. During the TBM awards season we get to recognize the amazing accomplishments our TBM heroes have had over the past year, and celebrate how they are leveraging TBM to create real value for their businesses. Below is a list of the ten categories and winners, but you can watch the full ceremony by registeringhere.  

  • TBM Excellence – Value Acceleration winner: R+V 
  • TBM Excellence – Application Rationalization winner: Lockheed Martin Corporation 
  • TBM Excellence – Business Value Innovation winner: Macquarie Group 
  • TBM Excellence – Cloud & Hybrid winner: Humana 
  • TBM Excellence – Strategic Planning winner: Logistics Management Institute 
  • TBM Excellence – Innovation Acceleration winner: Standard Chartered 
  • TBM Excellence – Investment Planning winner: NatWest Group 
  • TBM Excellence – Vendor Optimization winner: Cleveland Clinic 
  • TBM Excellence – Thriving Through Disruption winner: Morgan Stanley  
  • TBM Excellence – Overall Performance winner: University of Pennsylvania 

Apptio and TBM

As Sunny Gupta said in his keynote opening, attendees (you!) are the highlight of every conference. “My favorite part is connecting with all of you and hearing firsthand your incredible stories on how you are leveraging Apptio and TBM to create business value for your organizations, Gupta said. TBM stories and discussions are peppered throughout the conference – in keynotes, roundtables, in panels, and fireside chats. Here are a couple of teasers about the TBM leadership stories and advice you’ll hear when combing through the TBMC20 sessions: 

  • Phil Armstrong, who is executive vice president and global CIO for Great West Lifecodid a talk about becoming a “disruptive leader”. During his session, Armstrong walked through the seven key attributes you need in your journey to becoming a highly-valued, disruptive leader, and he highlights how TBM is a tool to help get you there. Listening in will inspire you to follow in his footsteps.  
  • Larry Blasko, chief revenue officer at Apptio, sat down with Sheila Anderson, EVP & CIO for corporate functions at Liberty Mutual, and RJ Hazra, chief financial officer for technology for Equifax. Blasko speaks regularly with Apptio customers and with TBM practitioners world-wide. His conversation with Anderson and Hazra during the TBMC20 Fireside Chat: Getting CIOs & CFOs Aligned may give you better insight into how close your philosophy matches your counterpart’s. Their discussion will also provide tips to help you collaborate more closely to drive company success. 

We hope to see you at next year’s annual TBM conference – virtual or in person! In the meantime, our virtual, and now on demand, conference is here to help guide you through your TBM journey. 

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