Aligning Tech Financials and Labor Resources

Labor Financial Management (LFM) helps organizations align labor costs with their strategic goals, improve transparency, and increase operational efficiency.

IBM Cloudability Introduces New Innovations for FinOps Practitioners

Discover our newest innovations unveiled at FinOps X 2024, helping deliver FinOps for all to maximize business value from the cloud.

Building a FinOps Solution for All

Learn how Cloudability and Turbonomic come together to form the IBM FinOps suite.

Navigating the Growing Complexities of Technology Spend Management

The complexity of technology portfolios has only accelerated in recent years, necessitating a modern approach to manage costs and drive performance.

Apptio Introduces New Products to Elevate Technology Value

Discover our newest cloud, Agile, and IT finance capabilities unveiled at Think 2024, helping unlock business value and maximize ROI.

8 Steps to Achieve Enterprise Agile Planning Success

With these 8 steps, you can achieve a successful Enterprise Agile Planning transformation, avoiding common barriers to adoption and achieving Agile at scale.

FinOps and TBM at Public Sector Summit

Discover how public sector organizations can maximize the value of their growing cloud and IT spend at Public Sector Summit 2024.

Apptio & ServiceNow launch new Application Portfolio Management capabilities

Learn more about Apptio and ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio management solution, which helps organizations better manage their applications.

Beyond the Hype: A Balanced View of AI Adoption

Explore the complexities and strategic considerations businesses must think through to ensure the best return on their AI investments.

Starting your Technology Business Management Journey: A Guide for Smart Technology Investments with Apptio Cost Management

Discover the benefits of implementing TBM with Apptio Cost Management. Gain visibility into IT spend, align tech investment with goals, and spur growth.

Apptio Cloudability: 2023 Innovation in Review

A quick run-through of 2023 Cloudability innovations that help our customers solve some of the biggest FinOps challenges

Automate Your Rightsizing Workflows with Cloudability and ServiceNow

Solve the number one FinOps challenge and reduce cloud waste across the organization with our new ServiceNow integration.

Making Data Driven Decisions around Technology Investments with Apptio & ServiceNow


Breaking Down Silos Between Finance and Agile Teams With Lean Budgeting

Bridging the gap and fostering collaboration between teams

Maximize Cloud Savings Without Running Afoul of AWS RI Marketplace Enforcements

Use Cloudability Savings Automation to eliminate reliance on the Reserved Instance Marketplace and secure a more reliable and effective means of achieving cloud savings

Cost-Effective Deployment Policies With Kyverno

Learn how to reduce third-party vendor spend with FinOps best practices and Kyverno policy engine.

Tracking Waste on Kubernetes Clusters

Learn how to implement FinOps with containers to operate at scale and continually improve container platform efficiency.

Blending FinOps With Observability

Discover how to use FinOps to understand and improve container allocation efficiency — with real-life scenarios.

Chart Your Tech Course for 2024: 5 Highlights from TBMC 2023

Discover what went down at TBM Conference 2023: key takeaways, latest trends, and transformative innovations to steer your tech journey into 2024

Apptio is Tapping into the Power of Community to Drive Success Globally

Explore Apptio’s community-driven innovation and integrations across TBM

Apptio Leads the Journey to Value Every Step of the Way

Apptio delivers greater value with innovation across TBM

3 Key Opportunities for Finance Teams in SAFe 6.0

Leveraging Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Budgeting, and Value Stream Optimization

4 Key Takeaways from SAFe Summit 2023 to Lead Your Agile Adoption

Leveraging the future of technology for your digital transformation

The CEO as the Chief Transformation Officer

How the CEO, CIO, and other leadership must evolve in this “pause and pivot” year as technology plays an increasingly critical role in business strategy.