The TBM Council just extended the deadline for accepting submissions, so submit your nomination by July 12.  You probably know an IT leader who has made the impossible possible – someone who’s had a profound impact in their organization by empowering operational excellence, business innovation, business transformation, and Technology Business Management best practices. Recognize their contributions with a TBM Award. 

We’re excited to announce that beginning today, Apptio will be integrating with Tableau Desktop. We share a common vision with Tableau for bringing transparency and visualization to data. Both companies are excited about this strategic move.  Tableau integration allows Apptio customers to seamlessly export their data from Apptio’s Cost Transparency application and import it into Tableau’s desktop so they can easily view management blind spots, prioritize investments, and communicate more effectively communicate with their business partners about their technology spend.

5 days ago

At this juncture in IT, there are not a lot of completely unique professional experiences left out there. I’ve worked on all kinds of software products for medium- to large-sized companies throughout my career, but none afforded me the opportunity to help IT mature as an industry. 

1 week ago

If the prospect of IT budgeting or forecasting makes you want to throttle the closest spreadsheet, you’re in good company. Find out what the leader of one of the most admired companies in the world has to say about IT planning.

Optimizing IT cost and investment is something CIOs, infrastructure and operations, and other senior IT leaders do every day. But how you approach that and determining what areas you attack is rarely easy. The key to success is to avoid legacy approaches such as spreadsheets and business intelligence tools in favor of a system purpose-built for this type of IT cost analytics.

Most IT organizations are bogged down by legacy investments, according to a benchmarking report from Bain & Co. That being said, better analytics tools, the cloud, and development operations offer a way out of this morass. Successful IT leaders who are able to effectively manage the day-to-day while working towards changing the business share three characteristics that we call out in this blog post.

There are a lot of bad ways to do cost analytics. We covered one of them – relying on reports from corporate finance systems – in a recent article. And because you loved it and there’s more where that came from, we’re at it again. The truth is, there are a lot of dead-end approaches you shouldn’t be trying. We’re just getting started!

2 weeks ago

Does IT planning suck the life out of you and your company? Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or stressed by the process? You are not alone. The IT budgeting and forecasting process is one giant pain in the you-know-what for most organizations. And like many people unable to escape this ongoing pain, you've likely come to accept that it's going to happen, and it's going to be unpleasant. 

The “A” word is touchy in the context of IT and business relations. It has become a catch-all for a large swath of leadership obstacles, political pains, and daily communication challenges that cause a divide between IT and non-IT, aka, “the business.” And it really got our readers talking. Find out what it was.

2 weeks ago

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) seeks to provide CIOs more authority over the budget for agency IT investments. This will require greater cost transparency for some $78 billion in annual IT spend, which wasn’t previously possible due to the lack of a standard framework for IT costs.