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As technology leaders today shift into the cloud, the question of costs also needs to shift from supply management to demand management.


How a standard cost model is giving more IT organizations a way to compare themselves to their peers.


Whether you are running a software product organization or the IT division of a company, you're likely always facing pressures. When is the right time to plan your technology roadmap?


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Think IT benchmarking is just a pretext for cutting costs? Think again. Here are 3 ways modern IT business leaders are using benchmarking to build business trust, justify investment and accelerate innovation.


The IT COST Commission report outlines recommendations that could save at least $5.8 billion in taxpayer dollars across Federal Agencies. Those billions could be applied to innovation and a more technologically savvy public sector.


Based on learnings from hundreds of customers, thousands of users and from the TBM community at large, Apptio's newest release allows users to get started with TBM and turn raw data into actionable analytics for the entire IT organization even more quickly and easily.


Fannie Mae team won the IT Services Transformation Award at the 2015 TBM Conference for their work in shaping technology investment and operations at Fannie Mae. Find out what winning the award has meant to the team at Fannie Mae.


Cox Automotive drives cloud decisions with one eye on its dashboards tracking total cost of consumption of public cloud vs. total cost to deliver private cloud -- just the latest instruments in its integrated technology business cockpit.