The Apptio TBM Unified Model™ (ATUM) is a specification that defines the elements of a standard cost model for technology. With standardized IT cost calculations, leaders can manage the business of IT more effectively. See if your IT organization can benefit from standardizing their approach to IT cost analytics.

The old journalist in me is still a sucker for a great headline. So with “IT should get naked” splashed across a recent Information Week article, I readily took the click-bait. recently reported that enterprise software purchases fail to deliver expected ROI because the wrong products are selected. How does this happen?

IT spend continues to climb, becoming one of the largest budget line items in companies today. Worldwide IT spending is now projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2014. It's imperative that companies implement a solution to improve cost efficiency, tighten alignment with business priorities, and increase the impact of IT spend now more than ever.

Britt Provost, Apptio’s Vice President of People & Culture, was recently honored by the Washington Diversity Council with a “Most Powerful and Influential Women” Award. We caught up with her for five quick questions about influence, culture and talent management.

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Are you a technology leader looking to connect with your peers to share insights and gain knowledge? Then the Technology Business Management Council workgroups are for you!

The increasing number and importance of technology investments has fueled the growth of the IT finance profession, and a recognition of the highly varied levels of experience, qualifications, technical knowledge, skills and roles associated with IT finance leaders. The problem is, too many IT finance leaders still don’t get the respect or appreciation for the contributions they make, or could be making. Find out what the TBM Council is doing to address this.

The SAP Financial Accounting module is the backbone of SAP implementations, and your business is probably using it to record, collect, and process financial transactions. When used for IT, the SAP Accounting module provides a financial view of the IT cost base, and can be used in combination with the SAP Controlling module to process the chargeback of these costs to the business.  But when you need more granularity to achieve true IT cost transparency and manage the business of IT, SAP doesn’t cut it as a sub-ledger. 

Are you ready to face questions from your corporate board about technology investments? According to The Wall Street Journal, boards are struggling to keep up with dizzying advances in technology, and a small but growing number of boards are instituting technology committees to get a better handle on the situation.