Even as many ITIL initiatives are benefiting IT organizations, they rarely deliver value the business really cares about. This is because most organizations apply ITIL with a technology-centric, “inside-out” approach to service management, rather than a customer-centric or “outside-in” approach that focuses on business needs and outcomes. TBM bridges this gap between ITIL and business value.

At the heart of Coca-Cola's IT transformation is their CTO Jim Scholefield. The big focus areas for Schofield includes a flexible and demand driven infrastructure; any time anywhere any device computing; and simple and secure access.

We are pleased to announce that we are now making available TBM Conference videos from the General Sessions, CIO Showcases, CIO Panels, and the TBM Awards for you. Do share this link with peers and teammates that you think will find value in this content.

According to Gartner, the IT budgeting process is often a detailed, line-item-driven exercise that fails to align with enterprise objectives. CIOs and IT leaders can increase the value that IT delivers by integrating the IT budgeting process with the enterprise strategic planning process. Here are 3 recommendations on making a solid business case for your IT budget.

Over the course of TBM Conference 2014 in Miami, we heard consistently about the change being driven by the adoption of cloud, social, mobile, and big data analytics; the consumerization of IT; and the IT services and digital transformation. Here are my key takeaways from the Keynote sessions by Jim Scholefield, CTO, The Coca-Cola Company, and George Westerman, Research Scientist, MIT.

“Without TBM there is no way -- no way -- the CIO is going to be that thought partner to lead that transformation of the business,” said McKinsey's Leandro Santos during his presentation at TBM Conference 2014.

How do you define excellence for a role that is always evolving? How do you identify greatness when the mission includes envisioning a company’s future, revising its past, securing its perimeter and delighting its inhabitants? How do you create an alliance between the CFO function, which has existed since the beginning of industry, and the CIO function, which was born only yesterday?

The IT budgeting process, which takes up to four months to conduct, usually works without a clear understanding of the business’ overall strategies and objectives and finds itself misaligned with the larger goals of the enterprise. Here are Gartner’s recommendations on how enterprises can align their IT budgets to achieve larger corporate strategic goals.

As Apptio continues to expand globally so does our need to support internationalization (I18n) These are exciting times in engineering as we continue our I18n journey and let our customers work in multiple languages and currencies. This blog entry illustrates some of our engineering challenges in I18n.

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Regardless of industry, it’s universal challenge for CIOs and IT Finance leaders to be more fiscally accountable and transparent to their business partners. Our free, live webinar addresses how Apptio IT Planning Foundation simplifies the annual budgeting process for IT finance teams, so they can be more fiscally transparent.