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Technology Business Management -The Evolution
Business-aligned IT cost transparency and planning are becoming commonplace across the Global 2000 thanks to standardization and a radically different approach to...
TBM Conference 2016 image
The TBM Conference is right around the corner the agenda is packed with amazing speakers and events. Are you going to be there?
ITSM Tools and TBM
In alignment with TBM, as IT leaders invest in ITSM tools, they need to understand their impact on operation costs, portfolio strategy, and enterprise agility.
IT Data Quality
A funny thing has happened along the TBM journey. "Data quality" has quietly morphed from being the biggest obstacle to being an objective of cost transparency.
Bad Collaboration
Each step of the TBM journey provides not only a valuable destination with its own outcomes but also builds trust and collaboration between IT and Business Owners.
Improving relationships with IT benchmarking
A TBM Council case study on Kaiser Permanente illustrates how benchmarking can change the dynamic from "we're just spending money" to "we're managing what we do."
Technology Business Management -The Roadtrip
Business-aligned IT cost transparency and planning are becoming commonplace thanks to standardization and a radically different approach to data quality.
Best Practice Ahead image
What does it mean to manage the business of IT? Start learning the answer to that question here, with a look at 7 things other IT leaders do.
How a standard cost model is giving more IT organizations a way to compare themselves to their peers.
Is it time Image
Whether you are running a software product organization or the IT division of a company, you're likely always facing pressures. When is the right time to plan your...
IT Benchmarking image
Are the digital economy, cloud and standardization conspiring to create new uses for IT benchmarking?
Elusive Transparency Image
Why is cost transparency so elusive for so many CIOs? To improve visibility, IT leaders need easy access to accurate IT costs that impact the strategic direction of...
Hedgehog image
Think IT benchmarking is just a pretext for cutting costs? Think again. Here are 3 ways modern IT business leaders are using benchmarking to build business trust,...
US IT Spend Image
The IT COST Commission report outlines recommendations that could save at least $5.8 billion in taxpayer dollars across Federal Agencies. Those billions could be...
TBM Studio Image
Based on learnings from hundreds of customers, thousands of users and from the TBM community at large, Apptio's newest release allows users to get started with TBM...
Fannie Mae TBM Award Image
Fannie Mae team won the IT Services Transformation Award at the 2015 TBM Conference for their work in shaping technology investment and operations at Fannie Mae....