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New Research Revealed by TBM Council Join our free webinar August 21, 2014 9 AM -  10 AM PT How can you apply the principles of Technology Business Management (TBM) to manage the business of IT in different industries? How does the application of TBM differ between healthcare and high-tech industries? 

Insights from the TBM Council Media & Entertainment Workgroup The inaugural Media & Entertainment (M&E) Workgroup, was held in New York City, NY and Burbank, CA. Workgroup members shared their ideas and insights about industry trends, IT challenges and opportunities, and the role of technology business management (TBM) in the rapidly shifting landscape of M&E.

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council recently held a Workgroup to discuss the healthcare-specific applications of managing the business of IT. We had 33 senior healthcare executives gather in select locations across KPMG’s North America offices, as well as online, to conduct conversations about the opportunities and challenges associated with managing IT like a business.

What happens when you bring some of the world’s best companies together in the same room to share IT knowledge and best practices? At Apptio, we have seen it foster dialogue and create a powerful Technology Business Management (TBM) movement. We gathered IT leaders from companies like The Clorox Company and Cox Communications to share key lessons from leading TBM initiatives at their organizations. True enough, we found that collaborative knowledge drove much of the success at the companies. Open dialogue is also what has helped us at Apptio make our customers wildly successful.

As the service desk evolves, one common theme is emerging – the need to clearly quantify the costs of service being provided. Central to this theme is the ability to understand these costs not just by the average cost of an incident or request, but also by other relevant perspectives. Perspectives include: Service or application supported, individual business units that consume support services, and even by groups of specialists within IT that spend time resolving incidents, or working on problems and change requests.

Insights from the TBM Council Healthcare Workgroups The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council held the inaugural Healthcare Workgroup last week to discuss the healthcare-specific applications of managing the business of IT. 

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Don’t miss the top three resources we released in June to help you manage IT like a business.

We’re thrilled that the hard work of everyone at Apptio has been recognized by for the impact we’re having on the enterprise. I’m not here to discuss the semantics of the word “disruptor,” but I would like to share what it means to us here at Apptio.

Today’s CIOs are at a crossroads. On one hand, technology has infused all aspects of business -- powering everything from product development to marketing, from operations to finance, from idea inception to customer satisfaction. On the other hand, organizations seek to optimize (and rationalize) the value of every resource expenditure, looking for “proof” that IT spending aligns with the business goals of growth, profit, globalization, and innovation. The issue is that CIOs are often not able to provide that proof. For the simple reason that there is no alignment between what accounting processes measure and actual IT services cost.

The promise of a well-architected IT financial management (ITFM) program is growing in importance and urgency for many organizations as they work to identify and control costs and increase the value of IT to the business.  A new Gartner report makes recommendations on key assessments an organization must make before selecting an ITFM tool.