Last week, I had the privilege of launching the TBM Council in Australia. This included the first TBM Summit, which we hosted with the support of our partners Telstra, KPMG, EY, ISG, and UXC, and an opportunity to address Australia’s leading CIO trade association at the SE-Corp CIO Strategy Summit. 

4 days ago

NPR’s The Salt recently had a blog post that discussed how—more than recipes and cooking techniques—chefs can teach us to be better organized. The principles of culinary organization referenced in the blog post are known as mise-en-place, which entails gathering and arranging the tools needed for cooking. It is interesting to consider what IT leaders can learn from chefs, especially as it applies to managing the business of IT.

There’s an elephant in the allegorical room of existing IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. A missing core that’s holding back ITSM solutions from living up to their potential.  This missing element is a lack of focus on business outcomes.

As CIOs grapple with service transformation initiatives, shadow IT and competition from cloud providers, the need for a well-designed IT financial management (ITFM) program has become acute. However, before you buy any ITFM tools, stop and assess why you need an ITFM program in the first place.

Managing your IT organization’s budget is no longer just an exercise in cost control. Indeed, concentrating just on cost ignores IT’s contribution to the success of the business. By incorporating an effective budget strategy for cost management, IT organizations can optimize and show business value.

1 week ago

Has your relationship become dysfunctional? Do you feel a simmering resentment towards static and labor-intensive spreadsheets? Or, are you disappointed with rigid and expensive business intelligence tools and homegrown processes? Why are you putting so much into a relationship and getting so little? It’s time to move on.

2 weeks ago

Today marks the public availability of the next major SaaS release of Apptio’s TBM (Technology Business Management) applications. The release contains significant new features that add functionality to our existing Cost Transparency Foundation and IT Benchmarking applications.

New article from CIO Insight provides the Top 10 Advantages of Cost Transparency through the lens of Technology Business Management(TBM).

IT spend continues to climb, becoming one of the largest budget line items in companies today. Worldwide IT spending is now projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2014. It's imperative that companies implement a solution to improve cost efficiency, tighten alignment with business priorities, and increase the impact of IT spend now more than ever.

As IT leaders work to identify and control costs and increase the value of IT to the business, the promise of a well-architected IT financial management (ITFM) program is gaining traction. But before you buy, stop and assess why you need an ITFM program in the first place.