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We engage with our customers a lot in order to find out how Apptio helped them optimize their IT organizations. The overwhelming response: The real value comes with being empowered to make the right decisions and optimize their organizations for business value. Learn why Microsoft engaged with Technology Business Management, the implementation process, and how it enabled them to optimize their IT organization.

IT departments are increasingly pressured to have dual roles: operate as a utility provider while also partnering with the business to drive innovation. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing the business of IT, some key financial metrics can help you balance these two responsibilities. This blog series will run every Monday for the next few months and discuss a financial metric that you can use to run IT like a business.

You spend your days solving complex problems, digging through data and leading your organization. And that doesn't always leave a lot of time for sifting through the days’ news. Well, we’ve got you covered. You can get everything you need to know and may have missed out on in this handy list of our top ten must-read posts on managing the business of IT.

When we throw the word “optimization” around in IT, there’s a tendency to assume it’s all about cost savings. While it may be the desired outcome for some, cost savings isn’t the whole story.

Momentum is building for the 3rd annual TBM Conference taking place in Chicago, October 26-29. Register to experience an inspiring examination of what’s possible with Technology Business Management (TBM) and tap into the collective IT knowledge, wisdom and best practices of 1,000 IT leaders just like you.

Service costs are comprised of your unit costs, plus the costs of the activities and products that constitute the value of the service to the business. For example, a desktop service includes more than just a PC (hardware). It also includes the setup, maintenance, technical support, network, and software. Without those additional components, a desktop is of little value to the business consumer.

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Apptio today unveiled its key IT metrics dashboard, which allows enterprise CIOs to measure and manage their IT organization at-a-glance. The CIO Dashboard, introduced as a part of a series of enhancements to Apptio's TBM suite, empowers IT leaders to track the metrics, key performance indicators and cost decision analytics they need to keep pace with the speed of their organization while confidently reporting successes to their business partners.

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IT is becoming increasingly strategic and more integrated with the business, challenging CIOs to shift costs to fund innovation, and pressuring them to more effectively communicate the cost and value of IT. The trouble is, IT leaders are surrounded by data, but too often lack the right metrics to manage IT and communicate with the business. 

Apptio is expanding its Technology Alliance Program, an ecosystem of innovative and compatible technology partners that will enable joint customers to comprehensively manage the cost, quality and value of the IT investments. Apptio is proud to partner with organizations like BDNA, BMC, Cherwell, EasyVista, SelectHub, Tableau, Planview and 6fusion to shape the future of IT.

IT can be viewed many ways – as a cost center to be minimized, an important partner in business growth, or the driver of the mindset of the future. But which view is assumed in any company has more to do with the IT department itself than the rest of the company.