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Our community partners and customers fuel Apptio’s path to innovation

In Technology Business Management (TBM), the path to growth and development is rarely driven by an individual or group of individuals working independently. We look to our community of users, partner organizations, collaborators, and the marketplace to power our product offerings and platform enhancements. Feedback, suggestions, personal anecdotes, and group experiences introduce changes that can be traced back to solving a real-world use case or request. In this way, Apptio is focused on making sure our experience works better together — across environments, regions, ecosystems, and technologies. In 2023, we have tapped into our partner ecosystem to push advancements across our FinOps, Agile, and IT financial management platforms.

With innovation powered by input, Apptio is introducing its first integration with the IBM portfolio, a new cloud financial management solution for MSPs, bringing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data into Cloudability. Also, delivering a library where Agile partners can create and distribute unique, tailored solutions, and expanding ServiceNow integrations into Cloudability and ApptioOne to make technology data more rapidly accessible and actionable. We are thrilled to explore these actionable enhancements with our users!

Extending the reach of FinOps

IBM Turbonomic and Cloudability integration

Apptio and IBM are proud to introduce the first product integration between Cloudability and Turbonomic, surfacing key optimization metrics from Turbonomic within the Cloudability interface to facilitate deeper cost analysis and partnership between engineering and FinOps teams. Combining Cloudability and Turbonomic helps FinOps practitioners solve their top challenge — empowering engineers to act — and delivers a set of FinOps capabilities that empower organizations to maximize the value of their cloud strategy while providing for elasticity and optimal performance of cloud applications. This integration is the first step towards unleashing the full synergy between these powerful tools, with much more to come in 2024.

Cloudability MSP beta

Calculating monthly customer invoices can be challenging for MSPs who need to apply agreed markups to base charges. To reduce the person-hours and increase the reliability of invoice processing, many MSPs require a specialized cloud financial management (CFM) tool. Cloudability MSP, available today in beta, ingests, structures, and customizes billing data across the major cloud vendors to mirror MSP contract arrangements and provides billing tools to streamline how customers are invoiced for their cloud usage.

The platform has a rich set of interactive features that bring visibility to this spend, and recommendations that improve the economics of running cloud. Cloudability MSP brings MSPs a powerful billing portal for customer cloud invoicing and single-pane-of-glass cost visibility across the major public clouds with interactive features that enable teams to own and optimize their cloud spend.

Extending Cloudability support to additional cloud providers

As organizations demand single-pane-of-glass visibility across cloud providers for their spend solutions, Apptio has added support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in its Cloudability platform, with plans to extend support to IBM Cloud in 2024. Available today, Cloudability users can surface OCI billing data alongside AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, enabling FinOps practitioners’ greater ability to effectively manage their multi-cloud footprint.

With this release, Cloudability customers can:

  • Automatically allocate all OCI costs back to the business based on your specific rules.
  • Enable team ownership with resource-level analytics, interactive dashboards, and personalized views.
  • Deliver financial accountability with official budgets and event notifications.

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Cloud OCI TrueCost Explorer Window OCI 1 - Apptio is Tapping into the Power of Community to Drive Success Globally - Apptio
Cloudability TrueCost Explorer Dashboard for OCI: Dashboards allow for business mapping and automation of cost allocation, driving team ownership of cloud spend

Cloudability ServiceNow rightsizing ROI integration

Cloudability integration with ServiceNow provides end-to-end workflow management of rightsizing opportunities. By combining the market-leading rightsizing recommendations with the most popular ITSM tool, our shared customers can automate workflows for cost-saving opportunities with tickets created and assigned to the relevant engineers in ServiceNow. Tickets can be managed entirely within ServiceNow with status information and realized savings also tracked in Cloudability’s rightsizing ROI feature. Swift and diligent optimization of over-provisioned and idle resources leads to lower waste and significant cost savings, creating a more efficient use of cloud budget.

Cloud ServiceNow Rightsizing ROI Dashboard Cloud SN 1 - Apptio is Tapping into the Power of Community to Drive Success Globally - Apptio
Cloudability & ServiceNow Rightsizing ROI Dashboard: ServiceNow status information and realized savings are tracked in Cloudability’s rightsizing ROI feature

Partner-led Agile solutions

Partner authoring within Apptio Targetprocess Solutions Library

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the importance of efficiency and speed is more critical than ever, as organizations must deliver value swiftly to stay competitive. Navigating this dynamic environment demands innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ensure rapid time to value. We are excited to share a preview of the new authoring capability within Apptio Targetprocess Solutions Library, available in the second half of 2024, which offers partners the opportunity to expedite time to value for end customers while reducing manual processes.

The new feature in Apptio Targetprocess Solutions Library enables partners to easily create, share, and deploy tailored solutions for their customers. The Solution Library stores predefined system configurations designed to cover various business use cases. These configurations serve as templates for the initial system setup and can be seamlessly customized to align with the specific needs of each customer. The authoring ability in the Solutions Library diminishes the need for manual interventions from partners and customer-facing teams, streamlining the deployment and implementation of Targetprocess. Furthermore, this empowers partners to conceptualize and implement their own solutions, ultimately leading to a notable reduction in the time it takes for customers to realize tangible value from our offerings.

The preview allows partners to do the following:

  • Develop customized private solutions and share them with end customers for seamless deployment.
  • Create private solutions using a variety of available elements: views, custom fields, metrics, automation rules, mashups, and detailed views.
  • Share private solutions with colleagues for implementation and validation of solution configuration.
  • Clone existing solutions, providing a convenient method to customize new solutions based on availability and specific needs.
  • Keep track of which accounts have installed particular versions of a solution.

Integrating financial management with service management

ApptioOne + ServiceNow integrations

A deeper integration with ServiceNow will combine Apptio’s best-in-class financial modeling with ServiceNow’s industry-leading operational data. This solution, now certified on the ServiceNow Store, creates a near-real-time cost structure to help customers make trusted technology investment decisions more quickly.

Why connect both technologies? The evolving IT operating model requires an evolution of IT Service Management and IT Financial Management strategies and tools. Organizations turn to the dynamic duo of ServiceNow and Apptio to get the best of both worlds. ServiceNow delivers platform intelligence, seamless workflow management, and a Single Source of Action to simplify IT operations. In addition, CIOs rely on Apptio to convey the cost, quality, and value of technology investments.

With this new level of bi-directional integration, we enable a ServiceNow user to not only see their operational data and metrics for an application or service, but also the supporting financial costing metrics – allowing technology leaders to make data-driven decisions to accelerate organizational objectives.


  • Auto-Discovery: Leverage ServiceNow to automatically identify infrastructure, applications, and services deployed across your environment maximizing your data freshness
  • Consumption-Based Allocations: Use relationship and operational data combined with Apptio’s market-leading financial modeling to build the best consumptive cost model
  • Trustworthy application and service TCO: Apptio and ServiceNow dashboards facilitate better business conversations and drive defensible showback and chargeback scenarios

Learn more about the power of ServiceNow and Apptio.

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